Sports survey in Carmarthenshire gives children a voice

Schoolchildren in Carmarthenshire are being asked for their views on sporting activities.
Through a national school sports survey, commissioned by Sport Wales, children can request what sports they would like to do more of in their school or college.
The survey is open to primary and secondary schools as well as first year college students. Its aim is to encourage more people to become more active and adopt healthy lifestyles.
Each school is given a link to access the survey which is available until the end of the summer term. To qualify for a feedback report a minimum number of completed surveys – set by Sport Wales - from each school is required.
The survey, recognised by Estyn and supported by the council’s sport and leisure team, also asks what type of sport the person plays, how many times a week they play and whether they take part in community or club activities.
The council’s senior sport and leisure manager, Carl Daniels said: “I would urge all schools to complete this survey, which is a fantastic tool to establish the current physical activity levels, health and wellbeing of our young people.
Schools get a suite of data and information that they can use to identify areas of strength and areas to focus on, with the end result being happier and healthier pupils. If schools need advice or assistance, they can contact a member of the sport and leisure team.”
Ysgol Y Strade was one of the schools to receive a full report in 2013. The findings resulted in some changes being made at the school.
Head of PE Sioned Hancock said: “Our school sport council is now very familiar with analysing the data from our reports and planning for the future based on the results - it is after all of great importance to us to listen to pupil voice. We would encourage all schools to get involved in completing the survey this year.”


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