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Would you believe it?

You couldn't make it up . . .

Smokers in deprived communities in one of Scotland's major cities are to be offered £12.50 a week to quit.NHS Tayside hopes the £500,000 pilot scheme will help 900 people in Dundee stop smoking over the next two years.Participants in the new initiative will be offered £12.50 per week credited onto an electronic card which they can redeem in their local supermarket for fresh food and groceries, but not alcohol and cigarettes.They can take part in the programme for a maximum of 12 weeks.Those taking part will receive nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) through their local pharmacy, where they will have to do a weekly carbon monoxide breath test to prove they are still smoke-free.Participants will also receive social support from Dundee Healthy Living Initiative (DHLI) where they can access smoking cessation support, physical activities and other lifestyle advice and support.Love the line about smoking cessation support!

Quotes of the day

"Let me get this straight. Bin Laden's top man has been released. The price of petrol is through the roof. There's inflation, depression. And people are hysterical because I said f***" - Joan Rivers, who has revoked her apology for swearing on air during the ITV's Loose Women programme."I'm more frequently likened to a goblin than a pixie" - Vera Baird, Solicitor General, responding to Tory MP Anthony Steen who complimented her on her "new pixie look"."Why is everyone so bloody miserable?" - Junior Transport Minister Tom Harris."I get invited to these weird dinners full of Labour celebrities and entrepreneurs, and we all sit there and say 'What can we do?', and everyone says 'I don't know'" - Comedienne Jo Brand."Thank you for travelling with South West Trains. Please make sure you take all your belongings when leaving the train. This is particularly important if you work for Her Majesty's G…
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