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Boxing Day Walrus Dip a huge success at Pembrey Country Park

From sizzling Bondi Beach Oz to shivering Cefn Sidan, Boxing Day Walrus Dippers came from all over the globe.
Five hundred fancy dress charity fund raisers braved the freezing winds and icy seas at the 30th annual Cefn Sidan Boxing Day Walrus Dip.
They came dressed as bananas, carrots, First World War Land Girls, a bottle of larger, a bathplug and ET. Penguins danced with the Hunchback of Notredam, there were scores of Father Christmases and a rash of daring dos in their mankinis and bikinis.
The youngest dipper spotted was five year Rachael Charles from Dafen in a Pepper Pig onesie and the oldest registered dipper Graham Carter aged 72 from Clydach.
There was a family of fairies and elves from Merthyr Tydfil raising money for Wales Air Ambulance and banana and a carrot from Ashburnham Road, Pembrey raising cash for the Ebola campaign.
The biggest shivering shock was delivered by 20-year-old Maddie Willey from Gladstone, Queensland, Australia, who confessed not even Bondi Beach and the Gol…

The latest Phil Evans column from the South Wales Evening Post

The latest Phil Evans column from the South Wales Evening Post.
Comedian Phil Evans is from Ammanford. He is known as the man who puts the ‘cwtsh’ into comedy.


'The Harley and the Ivy'
By the time this goes to print, it’ll be Christmas Eve. I can still remember the thrill of waking up at dawn one Christmas and reaching out to feel the exciting shapes hidden within the pillowcase hanging on the end of the bed.
I carefully unwrapped the first present - a pair of bicycle clips, with a note attached which said “These are no good unless they’re attached to something useful. Take a look under the bed.”
So I looked. And do you know what was there?
A pair of trousers!
The motorcycle community often create a negative image in the minds of the public and in the media.
Mention the word “bikers” and immediately, big, hairy types covered in tattoos spring to mind. They’re tough as nails, don’t shave for days, never wash their leathers, drink Jack Daniels straight from the b…