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Liberty Christmas match a sell-out

From My Scarlets website

06/12/2008 - Scarlets game a sell-out

The Ospreys have confirmed that their Christmas fixture with the Scarlets is a sell-out.Eight hundred tickets were returned by the Scarlets but were snapped up after being put on general sale on Thursday.

It means the December 27 game is set to be played in front of the region's third ever capacity crowd of 20,520.

The visit of the touring Australians in 2006 prompted the first Liberty Stadium full house.

A month later came another as the Ospreys defeated the Scarlets 50-24 - the most points they have scored in a single game against a rival region.

The Ospreys say the only way for anyone still to buy a ticket to attend the game will be to snap up one of the few remaining hospitality places available.


A few observations here . . .
How come the Scarlets returned 800 tickets? Surely, there are hard core fans out there who could have managed the short drive…

Pond Twym at Sandy, Llanelli, frozen over on December 1. Brr!


Fly-tipping on the cycle path in Llanelli

It’s a very short walk along the cycle path from the Stradey Park entrance at Clos Caer Elms to Sandy Bridge, Llanelli.
But, like many other sections of the cycle path which extends up towards Swiss Valley and Cynheidre, it seems to be a mecca for fly-tippers.
Here’s a short list of some of the ‘throwaways’ which littered the path last weekend –
A doll’s house, a child’s plastic swing, a car tyre, a garden strimmer, a door frame, assorted black plastic refuse bags full or rubbish, and 47 assorted cans and bottles.
Path users can compare themselves to contestants on the Bruce Forsyth generation Game. What will we spot next? A colour TV, a fondue set or a cuddly toy?
Seriously, though, it beggars belief that people can be so thoughtless by using one of Llanelli’s attractions as a dumping ground.
It is particularly galling when Llanelli boasts an excellent civic amenity refuse site at Trostre.
There really is no excuse for fly-tipping on this scale. If you spot someone fly-tipping, then shop th…

Carmarthen Leisure Centre

I was delighted to read many moons ago about the opening of the new Carmarthen Leisure Centre in Johnstown.
Having joined the Carmarthenshire Council gym at Llanelli Leisure Centre, I was pleased to find my membership extended to use of other local authority gyms such as Carmarthen.
“It’s all high tech and the machines will recognise your USB memory stick when you plug into the kit at the different centres” . . . at least that is what the sale pitch said.
Imagine my disappointment then to find the reality is a little different and to discover that the Carmarthen Leisure Centre is a work in progress.
The gremlins, of course, are not the fault of the staff. The crew at Carmarthen and Llanelli leisure centres are always pleasant and very helpful.
But even they had to shrug their shoulders and admit defeat when I attempted to plug into the kit in Carmarthen.
By all accounts, the technology at Carmarthen and Llanelli doesn’t communicate. Result? Lots of tut-tutting and more forms to be filled in…