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Llandeilo statue plan sparks debate

Open letter sent by Simon Buckley to local newspapers regarding the Tywi Afon Yr Oesoedd statue proposals in Llandeilo.
I have read with some interest proposals by the Tywi Afon yr Oesoedd group and Llandeilo Town Council of a plan to erect an Oak statue in the middle of Llandeilo that depicts Lord Rhys or, alternatively, St. Teilo.
The town council is right, in that we need to create a focal point in our town, and if as part of this Towy Valley scheme we can attract inward investment into the town, then great let’s have it!
But don’t let’s have just any old thing because that is all the grant will give us.
Llandeilo has a diverse population of people who have settled here because of the quality of the town and we want to see the town develop into a tourism hub that brings prosperity and jobs to the area.
If we are to have a statue can we not urge our Town Council to think outside the box and create an area that is more than just a chainsaw sculpted piece of Oak?
Our town has a rich history…

Carmarthenshire chippings thieves cautioned

Two men have been cautioned by police for attempting to steal chippings belonging to Carmarthenshire County Council.
Council environmental enforcement officers were travelling along the B4317 near Pontyberem when they saw two men loading a trailer with chippings which had been left at a lay-by.
The officers instructed the men to empty the trailer and asked for their details which passed on to the police.
As a result, the two men were arrested and cautioned for the offence.
Carmarthenshire County Council has now issued a warning that anyone caught stealing in the future will be prosecuted.
The chippings are used for essential road maintenance works and tonnes are stolen from the council every year with the cost running into thousands of pounds.
Executive board member for technical services Councillor Haydn Jones said: “Thefts of this kind will not be tolerated and anyone caught stealing from the authority will be prosecuted.
“Road maintenance works are an essential service provided by the cou…

Upgrade for Carmarthen day centre

Staff and service users at Carmarthen’s Myrddin Day Centre are gearing up for a few weeks away as the building undergoes a significant upgrade.
Users of the Carmarthenshire County Council’s day centre will be transported to another venue for the duration of the works, due to start at the end of the month.
The investment at the day centre will see a number of improvements, set to make the building more accessible for service users.
Work includes making a bathroom and toilet area larger for wheelchair and hoist access and renewing a fire alarm system.
Dylan Owen, Amman Gwendraeth area manager, said: “There will be a slight disruption to services at Myrddin Day Centre whilst this work is undertaken, but we already have plans in place to ensure the continuity of services, albeit at a different venue for a few weeks.
“Staff and service users have been kept fully informed, and are looking forward to seeing the end result of the investment, which will no doubt make things far easier for everyone.…

Quote of the day

"I asked her if she wanted to climb the wall and she said 'I don't think I have got the right shoes on for that'" - Sea cadet Cpl Jess Palfrey, who invited the Queen to undertake rock climbing on a temporary plastic wall.

Strange but true . . .

A 104-year-old actress, the last person alive who knew Thomas Hardy, is performing his work in a bid to save an important collection for future generations in the UK.
Norrie Woodhall was cast by Hardy himself as Tess's sister Liza Lu in the stage version of his novel Tess Of The D'Urbervilles.
Hardy promptly added some lines to her part when he thought she did not have enough to say. She is treading the boards again to raise money for the Hardy Players Manuscript Fund.

Felinfoel residents bid to beat thieves

Residents in Felinfoel are making sure their valuables are kept under wraps in a bid to deter thieves.
Felinfoel Communities First teamed up with the local Neighbourhood Policing Team to hold a number of free property marking days.
Residents were able to bring along any valuables such as TVs, DVD players, mobile phones, computer consoles and bikes to be marked.
Communities First development officer Amy Wakefield said: “The main crime prevention purpose of marking your property is to make it less attractive to thieves to steal it in the first place as they know that if they are caught in possession of it by the police and the police can quickly establish it is stolen property, they are in trouble. It also makes it more difficult for them to ‘cash in’. Of course it also greatly enhances the chances of you being re-united with the item which is important too.”
Carmarthenshire is one of the safest areas to live in the UK as crime figures show, however residents should not be complacent.
The Co…

Strange but true . . .

An award-winning female porn director was appointed as a parliamentary hopeful for the Liberal Democrats.
Anna Arrowsmith (aka Anna Span), managing director of adult entertainment company Easy on the Eye Productions, will stand for election in Gravesham, Kent.
The 38-year-old, who is married and lives with her husband Tim and dogs in Groombridge, near Tunbridge Wells, insisted she was ready to win Tory Adam Holloway's seat at the general election.

Quote of the Day

Yes, Prince Philip does it again . . .
"I told him I worked in a club. He then asked if it was a strip club - then he said it was too cold anyway" - Navy sea cadet Elizabeth Rendle explains Prince Philip's latest gaffe. He's well-known for his tendency to put his foot in it, but the Duke of Edinburgh's most recent comment was brushed off by the barmaid in question as "a joke". Prince Philip made the remark while touring the Wyvern Barracks in Exeter with the Queen. More details (The Daily Mirror)-

Gorseinon Town council forced to foot its third election bill in year

Friday Funnies from

Christine Bleakley completes Channel crossing

Millennium Centre 'needs more of a Welsh flavour’

Mental health promotion at Trinity

A Mental Health Promotion Event took place at Trinity University College, Carmarthen.
In attendance were Alison Evans and Liza Evans, who are both Primary Care Mental Health Practitioners for Carmarthenshire.
They gave advice and information about common mental health difficulties, and promoted stress control training.
The event was organised by Jean Harris, a Counsellor in Trinity's Student Services'department, and it took place in the Students' Union.

Pictured are Liza Evans, Alison Evans, Jean Harris and Rhys Parry, the President of Trinity's Students' Union.

Man guitarist Micky Jones dies at 63

Bryan hits the road for charity

Council worker Bryan O’Leary is swapping his refuse/recycling lorry for a pair of trainers to raise money for a charity close to home.
Bryan is taking part in the London marathon on Sunday, April 25 in aid of the Ammanford squadron of the Air Training Corps.
Forty-two year old Bryan, who works at the council’s Glanaman depot as a driver on the refuse/recycling crew, has been training hard for the 26-mile challenge.
It is the second time he has taken part in the marathon and he is hoping he can beat his 2008 time of three hours and 40 minutes.
“I’m up to 18 miles so far and I plan to do an extra mile each weekend until I reach 22 miles and then I will be ready for the marathon,” said Bryan, who lives in Ammanford.
“I am hoping to do it in less than four hours but if I beat my last time I will be really pleased.”
Bryan is a coach with the Amman Valley Harriers, training youngsters aged between eight and 16.
He is hoping to raise as much money as possible for the Air Training Corps.
“If anyone w…

Llanelli celebrates Lottery award

Glanymor and Tyisha Communities First are celebrating a Lottery award which will help tackle domestic debt in the area.
The Communities First team, one of four run locally by Carmarthenshire County Council, has been awarded £4,868 from the Awards For All Wales funding pool for its work on a Debt and Benefit Volunteering Project.
The project, which is run by Communities First staff and local volunteers, has already made huge strides in the area.
Since it began in April 2009, volunteers and project staff have supported clients in the Llanelli area to tackle £358,199 of domestic debt, and have increased benefit income by £3,402 per month.
Bryony Wiffen, of the Llanelli Communities First Debt and Benefit Volunteering Project, said: “Work with clients is an ongoing process and the project links in with other support services in the area to try and help people get the most appropriate support.
“We are delighted that our bid for £4,868 of Lottery funding has been successful. This funding will h…

Carmarthenshire joins in Fairtrade fun

Carmarthenshire schoolchildren have been joining the celebrations during Fairtrade Fortnight.
They have tucked in to a special themed menu of Fairtrade food and drink as part of the event.
Children were served a homemade turkey and sweetcorn burger, and half a jacket potato with salad, followed by homemade Fairtrade banana and chocolate cake and milkshake.
Throughout the fortnight, Carmarthenshire’s catering service also joined in with this year’s Big Swap theme and replaced its regular juice cuplets with the Fairtrade variety.
Catering services manager Sandra Weigel said: “It’s good to give the children something different to try, and also to educate them about the ethics of Fairtrade.
“The themed menus went down well, and there were lots of clean plates so I think the children have given it their seal of approval.”
Elsewhere in the county, organisations and community groups have held a series of events to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight, all of which were supported by Carmarthenshire County…

Manorbier raid after noise complaints

Council officers seized electrical equipment including three televisions when they swooped on a house in Manorbier.
The raid - by Pembrokeshire County Council's Domestic Public Health team - followed alleged repeated breaches of a Noise Abatement Notice.
The goods taken away also included two DVD players, a video recorder and a stereo system.
The team used a warrant issued by the Magistrates Court to exercise their powers under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Noise Act 1996.
The operation was a co-ordinated response by the Community Safety Partnership and also involved the Police and the Pembrokeshire Housing Association.
The owners of the goods will now appear in court at a later date.

Haverfordwest pupils stride out

Around 40 children, parents and teachers from Mount Airey School in Haverfordwest took part in a Park and Stride event recently.
Pupils met at the Rifleman's Field car park, where parents left their cars and joined the children and school staff on their walk to school.
Organised by Pembrokeshire County Council's Road Safety Team - and supported by PC Carolyn Davies - the walk to school was part of the Healthy Schools Initiative.
It is now hoped to organise Park and Stride events on a regular basis.
Acting Headteacher Cora O'Brien said she fully supported the scheme.
"I hope parents will continue to walk the short distance from the car park to the school with their children. It will enhance the pupils' fitness as well as promote sustainability," she said.

Crouch is the funniest sportsman

England footballer Peter Crouch was named the funniest man in British sport, topping the poll of the best one liners and comedy football moments of all time.
The 6ft 7in striker won top billing for a cheeky response to the question "What would you be if you weren't a footballer?"
The Spurs targetman replied: "A virgin."
He cemented his position as the funniest man in British sport with 24% of a 2,000 strong poll voting for his debut performance of the famous "robot dance", while celebrating a goal against Hungary in a pre-World Cup friendly.
The wittiest commentators and interview lines, comical sporting gaffes and largest personalities were also uncovered in the new survey released today.
The study of 2,000 people was specially commissioned to mark the launch of Sky1 HD's new fast paced comedy panel show, A League of their Own, hosted by Bafta-winning Gavin and Stacey star James Corden.
The Top 5 Sporting One Liners were...
1. Asked what he would be if …

'Guerilla knitter being sort by police'

WalesOnline - News - Wales News - Guerilla knitter being sort by police
Classic headline from the Wales Online team at the Western Mail and Echo in Cardiff. Where are the subs?

Quote of the day

"The night ends with a death scene so long that it may only reignite the euthanasia debate" - Critic Quentin Letts reviewing Andrew Lloyd Webber's Love Never Dies, the long-awaited sequel to The Phantom Of The Opera.

Strange but true . . .

An advert for a vintage clothes shop showing an elderly woman crossing a road accompanied by the slogan "silk dress coming soon" escaped censure by the regulator.
A reader complained the advert was offensive because it implied the woman would not be alive for much longer.
Shock and Soul Vintage Clothing said the ad was intended to be humorous and to break down any reservations customers might have had about wearing vintage clothes.

Llanelli youngsters brighten up underpasses

Youngsters in Llanelli have been letting their creative juices flow to brighten up one of the town’s underpasses.
The Dafen underpass had been vandalised over the years, it was covered in unsightly graffiti and had become an eyesore.
So young people from the area decided to use their imagination and do something about it.
Members of Dafen Youth Club and Bryngwyn School spent two days working with a street artist to give the underpass a much-needed makeover.
The project was funded by Tidy Towns, a Welsh Assembly Government-funded initiative to improve the local environment, run in partnership by Carmarthenshire County Council and Keep Wales Tidy.
It is hoped the work of art will deter any future vandalism in the area as well as give locals pride in their community.
Refreshments were donated by Dafen Stores, the Co-operative store in Felinfoel and Dafen local member Councillor Tegwyn Devichand.
Councillor Devichand, who also helped the youngsters with the artwork, said: “We had a great time cr…

6,000 visits chalked up

This blog is continuing to pick up a momentum. It's now hit the 6000 page views mark. That's a 1000 views since February 18.
Keep the hits coming, folks! Many thanks.
See earlier blog -
Meanwhile, the blog has chalked up its first visitor from Russian.
The full country by country list (figures from January 6) is as follows -
United Kingdom (GB) 845
United States (US) 193
Europe (EU) 18
Qatar (QA) 15
Australia (AU) 9
Germany (DE) 7
Belgium (BE) 6
India (IN) 5
Canada (CA) 5
France (FR) 5
United Arab Emirates (AE) 4
Ireland (IE) 3
Netherlands (NL) 3
Malaysia (MY) 3
Sweden (SE) 3
Croatia (HR) 2
Romania (RO) 2
Singapore (SG) 2
Bulgaria (BG) 2
Philippines (PH) 2
Italy (IT) 2
Norway (NO) 2
Spain (ES) 2
New Zealand (NZ) 2
Czech Republic (CZ) 1
Russian Federation (RU) 1
Denmark (DK) 1
Poland (PL) 1
Portugal (PT) 1
Egypt (EG) 1
Pakistan (PK) 1
Cote D'Ivoire (CI) 1
Malawi (MW) 1
Bahrain (BH) 1
Israel (IL) 1
Austria (AT) 1
Japan (JP) 1
Turkey (TR) 1
Tunisia (TN…

Brakes on Carmarthenshire speeders

Neighbourhood Policing Teams across Carmarthenshire are helping to put the brakes on speeding drivers.
The Community Safety Partnership has purchased a speed radar gun for local Neighbourhood Policing Teams to use in communities where residents are concerned about speeding.
Drivers caught travelling over the speed limit will be prosecuted; but it is hoped the move will help to reduce speed generally and improve road safety for everyone living in the area.
Chairman of the partnership’s Road Safety Action Group Trevor Sage said: “Road safety is a key priority for the partnership which is working hard to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads.
“Speeding is a major safety issue and is a huge concern for local communities. As a result, much work is being done across Carmarthenshire not only to reduce the speed of our traffic but also to educate drivers about the consequences of driving too fast.
“Hopefully this will make motorists think twice about the dangers they…

Trostre waste centre closed today

The Household Waste Recycling Centre in Trostre, Llanelli, will be closed on Wednesday for essential maintenance works.
The centre will be closed for one day only and will reopen on Thursday.
However, there may be further minimal disruption to services for a time on Thursday.
CWM Environmental Ltd and Carmarthenshire County Council would like to apologise to the public for any inconvenience caused as a result.

Survivor recalls Llandow air disaster 60 years ago

WalesOnline - News - Wales News - Survivor recalls Llandow air disaster 60 years ago
Handel Rogers of Llanelli was involved in this famous crash.

£34m pyramid scheme boss targeted communities

BBC News - £34m pyramid scheme boss targeted communities
Kevin Foster, of KF Concept, finally gets to his day of reckoning. The guy took money from many in Llanelli and Burry Port.

Quote of the day

"I can be incredibly kind but I can also be a complete sod. Every human being has that capacity, and the denial of either aspect is a lie" - Playwright Dennis Kelly.

Strange but true . . .

Traffic wardens clamped a van belonging to a private wheel-clamping firm after spotting that it had no road tax.
Southend Council staff said they towed and impounded the van after spotting it on a street in Southend, Essex.
A council spokesman said the van, owned by a local firm which clamps vehicles in car parks, was later reclaimed after a fee was paid.

Welsh interest at the races today

The following trainers with Welsh connections have runners today -
David Evans
14:30 Lingfield Hurakan (IRE) J-P Guillambert
15:00 Lingfield Man of Gwent (UAE) P Doe
16:00 Lingfield Top Flight Splash P Doe
17:00 Lingfield Vhujon (IRE) R Hughes
19:00 Wolverhampton Ravi River (IRE) J-P Guillambert
Bryn Palling
20:00 Wolverhampton Forward Feline (IRE) David Probert
20:30 Wolverhampton Corrib (IRE) David Probert
Alison Thorpe
14:40 Fontwell Tartan Tie J W Farrelly
17:10 Fontwell Glitzy D'ocala (FR) J W Farrelly
Ian Williams
19:30 Wolverhampton Hannicean S Donohoe

Llanelli woman's Lollipop offence

A Llanelli woman who failed to stop when a lollipop lady was helping a school pupil to cross the road has received penalties totaling £335. She was also given five penalty points on her driving licence.
Karen Williams, of Swiss Valley, Llanelli, pleaded guilty to Ammanford Magistrates on March 4th 2010 for driving without due care and attention when passing a school crossing in Llandeilo Road, Llanybie.
The 32-year-old was travelling along the road near Llandybie CP School when she committed the offence.
Lollipop lady Nan Samsudeen had clearly displayed her stop sign and was helping pupils to cross the road.
But Williams failed to acknowledge the sign and continued to drive along the road putting the crossing patrol officer and children at risk.
Carmarthenshire County Council’s Road Safety Team supported Dyfed Powys Police in prosecuting Williams for contravening crossing patrol regulations.
Magistrates also fined Williams £235 with additional costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £15, al…

Rugby legend JPR tried to trick breathalyser machine

Affordable homes for Pontargothi

Affordable homes will be built as part of plans for 15 houses in Pontargothi (Cothi Bridge).
A meeting of Carmarthenshire County Council’s planning committee considered outline plans for residential development on land behind the Cresselly Arms in Pontargothi.
Before the development goes ahead the developer will have to enter into a Section 106 Agreement with the council to provide four affordable dwellings, and money towards education services and towards parks or/open spaces or provide a local play area in the application site.

First acts announced for Beach Break Live

The first acts for Beach Break Live at Pembrey have been announced.
They are -
Calvin Harris
Chase and Status
Ellie Goulding
Plan B
The Futureheads
New Young Pony Club
I Blame Coco
Annie Mac
High Contrast
Sub Focucs
Fake Blood
Scratch Perverts
To see the rest go to
See earlier post -

Millionaire landlady saves Five Roads pub

Backing for Beach Break at Pembrey

A university student three-day holiday break planned at Pembrey Country Park in June could wipe out last year’s £70,000 park losses at one visit.
And the exciting economic opportunity for the county over the next five years could mean benefits of more than £3million to Carmarthenshire’s tourism industry.
More than 60 local businesses attended a meet the buyer event at Parc y Scarlets last week.
Business people were astonished to learn the students and organisers spend for the Beach Break Live June event planned at Pembrey will exceed £1million.
Last year the UK university summer holiday break for 18,000 students, spawned on TV Dragon’s Den, won awards for being one of Britain best organised and run festivals.
There is opposition to the event in the community but thousands of young people and other supporters have signed an on line petition in support of the event. The demand has been so great 500 tickets are being made available to local students.
Carmarthenshire’s County Council Licensing …

Quote of the day

"British footballers have got nothing on us when it comes to women. If you Wags knew what Hollywood's stars get up to you'd think you were married to pussycats" - The Wrestler star Mickey Rourke, who claimed to have once "had" 14 women in one night.

Strange but true . . .

A charity could stand to gain more than £300,000 from a series of sporting bets left to it in a will.
Oxfam supporter Nicholas Newlife died at the age of 69 a year ago, leaving his entire estate - including a set of outstanding bets - to the charity.
Now they could benefit from more than a third of a million pounds if the bets are successful, including a £100,000 payout if Roger Federer wins Wimbledon this year.

World Books delight at Llanelli Library

Indiana Jones, Mr Happy and Minnie Mouse have visited Llanelli Library as part of celebrations for World Books Day.
Pupils of St Mary’s School, Llanelli, dressed up as characters from their favourite story books to mark the event.
They listened to some of their favourite stories being read by Llanelli-based book illustrator Graham Howells, and were able to discuss how pictures help bring stories to life.
Mark Jewell, regional library manager, said: “It was lovely to invite a group of local school children to the library on World Books Day, and for them to get involved in literature from an early age.
“We have a bright and vibrant children’s section at Llanelli, with factual and fictional books for all ages.
“We hope that following their visit, many of them will come back and sign up as members.”
The World Books Day event forms part of the Carmarthenshire Libraries campaign, which is encouraging new members to join and get free access to a wealth of books, DVDs, CDs, cassettes and the Intern…

Green List comes to Carmarthenshire

Wales's first ever Green List is coming to Carmarthenshire in the form of a photo portrait exhibition.
The 2009 list names the champions who have been recognised for taking action to put Wales’ reputation as a green nation on the map.
The Carmarthenshire Environment Partnership has worked to bring the photo exhibition - Compiled by Cynnal Cymru / Sustain Wales – to the county to raise awareness of the importance of individual action to improve the environment.
The exhibition shows that green heroes are no longer restricted to stereotypical environmentalists but can just as easily be ordinary people, making a difference. It’s hoped that the photo exhibition will inspire others to make a difference in their own way.
Included on the list are chief executives, managing directors, politicians, farmers, campaigners, poets and a musician who sings about environmental issues using instruments made from recycled junk.
There’s also two Climate Change Champions, teenagers picked by the Welsh Ass…

Pembrokshire swimming camp success

Pembrokeshire's top young swimmers took part in a special skills camp.
Thirteen of the best swimmers from five County clubs pooled their talent at Pembroke Leisure Centre pool.
The training camp was the final session in a series of three winter skills camps organised by Pembrokeshire Leisure - Pembrokeshire County Council's leisure arm.
Previous winter camps were held in Milford Haven in October and Crymych in January.
The nine to 12 year-olds were put through their paces by Paul Dowey, Pembrokeshire Leisure's swimming development coach
"I am very pleased with the progress that these young swimmers have made since September," said Paul Dowey.
"It is a testament to the hard work of the volunteers in all our development clubs".
The skills camps are designed for those youngsters who already swim competitively with their local clubs.
Youngsters are selected from five member clubs of Pembrokeshire County swimming - Haverfordwest Seals, Milford Haven Tigers, Pembroke…

Pembrokeshire launch for pet care book

A new booklet to help children care for their pets has been launched in Pembrokeshire.
Pet Care - a guide for young children - was officially introduced at Ysgol Glan Cleddau in Haverfordwest on Friday, by TV celebrity Anna Ryder Richardson of Manor House Wildlife Park.
The guide, which has been published by Pembrokeshire County Council, provides advice for the young on how to look after common pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and mice.
It was written by teenager Emma Westley, following a work experience project visiting schools in the County to talk to children about their pets.
The 19 year-old animal lover, who hopes to study veterinary science, said it was important youngsters learnt how to look after their pets.
"So often parents buy their children pets but end up as the ones responsible for their care," she said. "Children need to learn how to accept responsibility too and how to care for their pets properly."
The bilingual booklet, which is free, explai…

Quote of the day

"I don't look in the mirror in the morning and think, 'Hello, national treasure'" - Pop icon Jarvis Cocker.

Strange but true . . .

Yorkshire pudding makers could win the same special protection afforded to Champagne and Parma ham producers to stop rivals from outside the county cashing in on the famous name, a regional food group said.
The Sunday roast favourite could win European rights, meaning they must be made within Yorkshire or Humberside if they are to be labelled as such.
Three manufacturers - including the popular Aunt Bessie brand - were in talks about applying for the special status. The application was backed by the Regional Food Group for Yorkshire and Humber. News of the bid came days after rhubarb producers in Yorkshire won similar special status.

Church service for 200 years of Journal

At church service at Christ Church in Carmarthen to mark 200 years of the Carmarthen Journal.
This blog post has been sent from Robert Lloyd's mobile.
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Half marathon in Llanelli

Brilliant weather for the Llanelli Half Marathon today.
Loads of runners at the Millennium Coastal Park.
Good luck to them all.
Weblink -

Strange but true . . .

Singapore is to keep a ban on chewing gum sales, a policy that has helped shape the city-state's international image as a tightly controlled, squeaky-clean island.
The ban, first imposed in 1992, is necessary to reduce litter and vandalism, Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman, parliamentary secretary of the national development ministry, said.
"The government stands by its decision to ban chewing gum as the rationale is based on maintaining a clean and comfortable living environment," he said.

Quote of the day

"I feel as though I've been reborn in some ways. Not everything I hear is worth hearing, but at least I don't have to turn the TV down in order to tell everyone in the room that what they are watching is rubbish" - The Who guitarist Pete Townshend, who now has a hearing aid.

Citizenship ceremony at Haverfordwest

Natives of the Philippines, Turkey, Bangladesh, Hawaii and South Africa undertook the vow of British citizenship on St David's Day in County Hall, Haverfordwest.
The ceremony was conducted by Barbara Eynon, Superintendent Registrar for the Registration District of Pembrokeshire.
The citizens swore an oath to the Sovereign before being presented with a citizenship certificate and a pack containing a passport application.
They were welcomed to Pembrokeshire and Wales by the Chairman of Pembrokeshire County Council, Councillor Anne Hughes, and presented with flowers by the children of The Meads Infants School.
The pupils then entertained the guests to a very high standard with various musical items, and led the singing of the Welsh and British National Anthems.
County Councillors representing the communities where the new citizens live were also invited. Those present were Councillors Lyndon Frayling of Haverfordwest, and Councillor Leslie Raymond, of Solva.

Friday Funnies from Hold The Front Page

Journalism jobs and news from
Classic - Teacher sacked after death!

S4C keeps its viewers

Carmarthenshire Business in Community launch

Business in the Community’s (BITC) South and West Wales ProHelp Network was officially launched at the CAVS AGM held at Pontyberem Hall to provide advice and support free of charge to community and voluntary organisations in their local area.
Established in 1989, ProHelp is a UK network of over 600 professionals, from large corporate to SMEs including solicitors, accountants, architects, building surveyors.
In Wales ProHelp operates across Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire, Swansea, Neath Port Talbot and Carmarthenshire.
BITC’s West Wales Co-ordinator, Catherine Palmer will be working closely with local agencies such as CAVS and the South West Wales ProHelp Network will complement the Skills Lending programme recently piloted by Giving Sir Gâr.
Peter Loughran, chair of Giving Sir Gâr, said “A number of voluntary groups have benefitted from the expertise of staff from some of the leading companies in the county.”
The recent Giving Sir Gâr grant scheme is designed to encourage voluntary groups to de…