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The latest Clay Shaw Butler Money Matters column from the Carmarthenshire Herald

The latest Clay Shaw Butler Money Matters column from the Carmarthenshire Herald.
By Mark Jones, director of Carmarthen-based Clay Shaw Butler chartered accountants and business consultants.

You’ve only got to look at the wall-to-wall coverage Greece’s problems to realise that getting into debt can bring a whole host of problems.
Last week, we put the spotlight on some of the pitfalls of debt.
But many of us will recognise that there are times in life when you do need to venture into the world of borrowing.
If you are aware of the issues, then there is nothing wrong in debt, as long as you understand what you are getting into - and have a secure plan to pay back any loan.
If you want to borrow money and pay back an amount every month, a personal loan is one option you can consider.
Here’s what you need to think about before you borrow . . .
Personal loans are loans that a bank or other lender makes that are not secured against any asset such as your property. They’re also known as unsecured …

The latest 'On Song' column from the Llanelli Star

The latest 'On Song' column (about the choral scene in and around Llanelli) from the Llanelli Star -

If you love Verdi, then you are in for a treat on Saturday, October 10.
Côr Baroc Llanelli will be presenting Nabucco at Tabernacle Chapel, Llanelli, under the direction of Eifion Thomas.
The choir will be joined by Côr Dyffryn Conwy and Côr Meibion Llanelli Male Voice Choir for what promises to be a spectacular evening.
The choirs will be joined by the City of Swansea Orchestra and soloists Gary Griffiths (baritone), Adele O’Neill (soprano), Anita Appleton (soprano), Richard Allen (tenor) and Trystan Lewis (bass).
It starts at 7pm on October 10 and tickets are £10 from 01554 756438.
Meanwhile, concert promoter Cerith Owens has a musical treat in store later this year when he stages the Loud Applause Annual Concert – ‘Night With the Stars’ - at Ffwrnes Theatre, Llanelli, on November 7.
The concert will feature the dazzling trio of violinists The Singhs and the Morriston Orpheus…

The latest Phil Evans column from the South Wales Evening Post

The latest Phil Evans column from the South Wales Evening Post.
Comedian Phil Evans is from Ammanford. He is known as the man who puts the ‘cwtsh’ into comedy.


Why people are getting fatter.
If you’re over 40 it’s a safe bet that throughout your school years there was always one overweight kid in the class - usually male - who was rarely seen without a Cornish pasty, sausage roll or chocolate bar.
Sometimes all three, if it was pocket money day.
It certainly happened in the schools I attended and when we started to notice that (let’s call him Terry Jenkins, even though his real name was Colin Williams) looked a bit ‘rounder’ than the rest of us, some skinny kids became verbal bullies.
Being 7 or 8 their command of the pithy put-down was quite limited, so the best insult that was thrown in his direction was “Fatty”.
Had they been aware of the term ‘Morbidly Obese’ back in the day, then perhaps the more educated amongst the bullies would have pointed at…

Latest special offers from the Jenkins Bakery

Latest special offers from the Jenkins Bakery -

WEEK COMMENCING August 10, 2015

3 Medium Corned Beef Pasties, £1.70
2 Large Corned Beef Pasties, £2.00
2 Minced Beef and Onion Pies, £2.20
2 Egg Custard Tarts, £1.70
Sandwich Of The Week, Chicken Tikka, £2.30
Rustic Baguette Of The Week, Chicken and Bacon, £2.45
Filled Softie Of The Week, Turkey Salad, £2.25

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