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Quotes of the Day April 7

"There is an enormous difference in what actually happened and what the
imagination did to it" - Actress Anna Massey, on writing her
"The delicious irony is that my bitter enemies are going to operate the
structures and mechanisms we put in place nine years ago. I shall enjoy
that" - Lord (David) Trimble, former Leader of the Ulster Unionist Party
on the forthcoming Ian Paisley-Gerry Adams "coalition".
"It is futile to blame Margaret Beckett at the Foreign Office for not
responding with a heavier hand. She had nothing in her hand. We don't
dispatch gunboats to countries that poke us in the eye these days" -
Tory peer Lord Deedes on the naval personnel captured by Iran.
"I hope that even in Blair's Britain there will be no question of giving
medals to any of these captives. They may deserve our pity, but they do
not command our respect" - Former Fleet Street editor Sir Max Hastings
on the conduct of the naval personnel held by …