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Carmarthenshire childcare business idea

People interested in starting up a childcare business in the county can receive a helping hand from the Carmarthenshire Children’s Partnership which can offer practical advice, guidance and even financial support.
Help is available for people setting up a new day nursery or play group, after school club or holiday play scheme.
Start-up grants are available to support new childcare providers with costs associated with establishing new care settings, including costs associated with staff recruitment, promotion and publicity, equipment and premises. Maximum allocations are made available to target areas which have been identified by the partnership’s Childcare Sufficiency Assessment as lacking in provision.
Heidi Bassett, of Little Oaks Day Nursery, Priory Street, Carmarthen, received a grant to renovate a former pub in to a modern full day care setting.
Her business has been up and running since March, and can cater for up to 18 children aged up to four on a daily basis, with one member of …

Boost for fishing on the RiverTywi

Access has been improved at the River Tywi allowing anglers to continue with some of the best sea trout fishing in Wales.
Tywi Afon Yr Oesoedd, a Carmarthenshire County Council-led project aimed at conserving the landscape, environment and heritage of the Towy Valley, has teamed up with Environment Agency Wales and Llangadog Angling Association Ltd for the improvements.
The idea for the path was initiated by the angling club whose members wanted to upgrade the angler’s path which was in a state of disrepair.
Carmarthenshire County Council, as landowners of the area, authorised the path to become a public right of way and to be extended to form a circular walk.
Much of the work was carried out by volunteers from Llanwrda Youth Club and the United Nations.
Environment Agency Wales employed a local contractor, and the county council lent the services of its countryside rangers for the project. Local farmers have also helped the project succeed by allowing the public right of way to cut across…

Llansaint park facelift

Llansaint Park has a great new look thanks to members of the local youth club.
Young people in the area got together and participated in a four-day hard grafting Community project to build a community shelter and a picnic area.
The aim was to improve the grounds of the park and to provide a safe place for young people to meet. The picnic area aims to attract families and local residents to enjoy future outings in the park. Local carpenters, Kevin Jones and Dylan Thomas, worked with the young people to design and develop the project.
The project was run in partnership between Carmarthenshire Youth Service and Llansaint Welfare Hall and Sports and Recreation Association.
Funding for the project was given by CAVS Community Development Fund, STISH (St Ishmael) Community Magazine and the Taf Local Young People’s Partnership.
Youth Representative, Leanne Jones, said:
“The community shelter will stop young people gathering around bus stops and will provide a safer location for us to meet.
“We wa…

Cwrw on Wedi7 on S4C

Cwrw made an appearance on Wedi7 on S4C on Wednesday night.
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Change to Wedi7 tonight

Wedi7 was due to feature Cwrw this evening - see earlier post.
But the schedule has been changed following the death of Archdruid Dic Jones.
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Space brings new frontiers for Tenby hall

It’s a case of ‘spot the join’ when you visit the popular New Hedges Village Hall on the outskirts of Tenby.
The stone carving on the outside proudly gives the legend that the hall dates back to 1853.
It is only on closer examination that you realise the original 19th century school building has had a significant makeover.
The addition of an extension to the old hall is virtually seamless. The extension doubles the space available at the hall – and it’s all thanks to a Welsh Assembly Government grant.
“It’s quite a challenge for some of our visitors to stand in the car park and tell us where the old hall ends and when the extension begins,” smiled New Hedges Village Hall secretary Lynda Hensman.
“There’s a great deal of craft gone into building what is described as the annexe. The builders actually used the stone from the old school house which was next door to the old hall, itself a converted old school.
“It’s quite an achievement in terms of the way they have done it. They have incorporat…

Cwrw on Wedi 7 tonight

There will be a spotlight on the award-winning Cwrw beer on Wedi7 on S4C at 7pm tonight.
A series of interviews were recorded at the White Horse Inn, the Evan-Evans brewery tap in Llandeilo yesterday.
Llandeilo-based Evan-Evans won a top prize for the Cwrw cask ale at the world-renowned Great British Beer Festival in London.
Cwrw was awarded a third prize in the Best Bitter category.
Simon Buckley, Chief Executive of Evan-Evans, said: “We are extremely proud to be voted one of the top brewers in the United Kingdom at this prestigious beer festival.
“To be voted one of the top three brewers of Best Bitter in the UK, out of a total of 670 brewers, is a great achievement for the brewing team in Llandeilo."
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