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Quotes May 24

"This is a serious allegation. I fear you may be right. This is a British tradition that must not be lost. If I were running for office again, I'd make it a major part of any platform" - Tony Blair on being told it was impossible to buy a decent cup of tea in London any more.
"I am flattered by the shoulders, slightly worried by the nose and a bit concerned that my colleagues in the House of Commons might acquire it so they can throw things at it" - Former Home Secretary David Blunkett admiring, by touch, a new bronze of himself.
"If we called April May, and May April, the weather was absolutely seasonal. All we really need do to cope with climate change is alter the names of the month or rearrange them" - Best-selling author Frederick Forsyth.
"He has already been seen wearing a pair of crumpled beige chinos and an open-neck shirt. I think it's safe to say that he will be having a buzz cut, before being snapped grooving on down at a…