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Carol and Robert at the Llanelli Choral Society Ball 2007


Quotes of the day April 25

"I was a member of a group called the Kissy Girls. I was very sexual in kindergarten. I created a game where I would kiss the boys. Then we would make out and we would take our clothes off. I got in a lot of trouble" - Angelina Jolie.
"Oxford didn't teach me anything, nothing at all" - Nobel Prize-winning author VS Naipaul.
"If they ever decide to sneak off and get married without us, me and Gav's mum and dad would kill them both" - Maria, mother of singer Charlotte Church who is engaged to Gavin Henson.
"Defence Secretary Des Browne really did say, 'I have expressed a degree of regret that could be equated with an apology'. People should be hanged for this kind of thing" - Political pundit and former Tory MP Matthew Parris.
"Plaskitt the Casket" - Nickname given to Work and Pensions Minister James Plaskitt who has been adjudged parliamentarian of the year by the National Association of Funeral Directors. "I…

Mum's Community Council photo

From Mum