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Heartbreaking stuff

Heartbreaking re miners. Sympathy to all family/friends. Well done to brave rescue teams. Owen Money just played 'You'll Never Walk Alone'.

Pray for the trapped miners

Can't stop thinking about the trapped miners. Hope and pray the remaining miners are safe -

Aberystwyth spotlight on new energy crops

Scientists at Aberystwyth University are addressing one of the greatest challenges of the future: the use of land for new energy crops without harming food production.
Based at IBERS – the Institute for Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences – they show how investment in dedicated new generation energy crops can make best use of limited resources.
Food is one of the basic needs of life, but civilisation also requires energy and the decline of fossil fuels has led to increased interest in bioenergy with proposals to use agricultural land to grow both food and fuel.
In a new review, published in Global Change Biology Bioenergy scientists from Aberystwyth University and The University of Aberdeen explore the advantages of bioenergy and how competition for land can be minimised.
“The development of bioenergy could represent a huge shift in agricultural development which helps to stimulate rural and urban development,” said Dr John Valentine from IBERS Aberystwyth University “However,…

Dr Who at the Stradey Park Hotel

Matt Smith, of Dr Who fame on TV, was at the Stradey Park Hotel, Llanelli, last night.
He kindly signed autographs and posed for photos with members of Llanelli Rotary Club. Very nice chap.

Back at base camp . . .

Back at base camp after a wonderful morning brain-storming meeting at Aberglasney House and Gardens.

Off to business breakfast

Off to business breakfast with the BNI network in the Diplomat Hotel, Llanelli. Then, off to wonderful Aberglasney Gardens for the morning.

Smashing night at Rotary

Smashing night last night - two great speakers at Llanelli Rotary Club and we met Matt Smith (aka Dr Who) in the bar afterwards.

Five Star rating for Ashburnham Golf Club!

The popular Ashburnham Championship Links Golf Club in Pembrey has been given a Five Star rating for food hygiene.
And the rating has been greeted with the sort of cheers which usually follow a hole-in-one at the prestigious course.
“We are known the world over for the standard of our golf. Now we are making our mark as a first class venue for food,” said club manager Huw Morgan.
Chef Martin Bartley, pictured above, was also delighted with the rating, which followed a surprise visit and inspection by Carmarthenshire Council, the authority which runs the hygiene ratings in partnership with the Food Standards Agency.
“The visit by the inspectors was unannounced so they had to take us as they found us.
“Here at The Ashburnham, we take a great pride in the quality of our food, using plenty of locally-sourced produce to produce varied menus.
“Food hygiene is top of the agenda in my kitchen and the award of a Five Star certificate for The Ashburnham Golf Club reflects great credit on my team here…

'Gareth Jenkins' on Twitter - the Top 10!

Love this story in the Llanelli Star today -
More than 1,100 people have subscribed to fictitious updates by a social networker pretending to be Scarlets great Gareth Jenkins.
A parody Twitter account has been created in the former Welsh rugby coach's name, with daily updates ranging from shopping trips to Zumba classes.
See link -
The best bits are not up on the website.
The Top 10 Tweets -
1. Early moming run. I’m like Rocky. Running up the steps of the Town Hall. Just passed a man on his mobility scooter. Bet Gatland’s still in bed.
2. Scrabble going well, I just had flanker over a triple word score for 39pts. Benny said that’s more than I scored in my career. Walking home.
3. Train to Burry Port to get my hair done at Mike’s. Planted some caulis and carrots at the station. No one saw me. Again. Secret gardener.
4. Lovely morning, walked the dog and got the papers. Glad to see th…

Satchwell to give Tom Olsen lecture

The theme of the Tom Olsen lecture next month will be "Hacked off with the Media - an unholy alliance of Press, Police and Politicians?"
It will be held in St Bride's Church, London. It is organised by the Society of Editors.
The lecture event started in 1991 in memory of Tom Olsen, a former Sunday Telegraph journalist and wine correspondent, with the aim of focusing on the themes of freedom and responsibility.
This year, the lecturer is Bob Satchwell, Director of The Society of Editors.
The lecture takes place on Thursday 6th October at 7:00pm. Entrance is £5; guests arriving at 6:30pm can have a drink before the lecture, courtesy of Kaizo - an independent PR and digital agency that helps business and consumer brands thrive in today's economy.
If you wish to book tickets please send full names to or telephone 020 7427 0133.
Bob Satchwell has been executive director of the Society of Editors since its foundation in 1999.
He started his career with th…

Only Boys Aloud to sing in Cefneithin

The hit choir Only Boys Aloud will be performing at Cefneithin Rugby Club, near Cross Hands, on Saturday, October 15, in aid of the Healing The Wounds charity.
The theme of the evening will be ‘Stars In Their Eyes’.
The Healing The Wounds charity works in Wales to treat sufferers of PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder. The Only Boys Aloud choir is trained by the team from Only Men Aloud.
For more information, email
Weblinks –

One man and his dog on marathon mission

One man and his dog are off on a mighty challenge to complete six marathons in six days.
Former serviceman Richard Payne will be starting his six-day run from the top to the bottom on Wales on Monday.
It is all in aid of the Healing The Wounds charity which helps treat victims of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) in Wales.
It won’t be a ‘solo’ run for Richard as he is being partnered by his three-year-old Husky dog Blu for key parts of the journey.
“Blu loves going for a run and comes with me when I go jogging, so he’ll be with me for the start and finish of every marathon day,” Richard said.
“He’ll probably end up doing about five miles a day, so he’s the lucky one. But I don’t think he’ll be feeling sorry for me doing the marathon distance of just over 26 miles every day!
“I’ve been in training for this series of marathons, doing about nine miles a day and I did a full marathon last Sunday in about five and a half hours just to get the feel for doing it.
“I’ve got something of a routin…

In the news today . . .

'View from Richmond Park' Carmarthen Town AFC column is in the Carmarthen Journal today.
Spotlight on the Aberglasney Summer Ball in the Carmarthen Journal today.
'My Viewpoint' in the Carmarthen Journal features Simon Buckley on the future of Llandeilo town.
West End star John Owen Jones answers '20 questions' in today's issue of the Llanelli Star.

Latest Welsh newspaper sales figures

This makes gloomy reading, but some newspapers are still fighting the good fight!
Here are the latest Audit Bureau of Circulation sales figures for newspapers in Wales.
Regional dailies (figures are daily average sales) are ranked in order of the percentage decrease between June 2010 and June 2011.
South Wales Argus 23,332 (-5.5pc)
South Wales Evening Post 40,149 (-5.8pc)
South Wales Echo 32,754 (-7.4pc)
The Western Mail 26,931 (-8.9pc).
Average circulation figures for weekly titles across Wales for the period December 2010 to June 2011 together with their percentage increase or decrease compared to the same period the previous year (list is alphabetical) –
Barry & District News 5,400 -8.6pc
Caernarfon & Denbigh Herald 11,194 -6.8pc
Campaign Caerphilly, Ystrad Mynach & Bargoed 27,824 -8pc
Cardigan & Tivy-Side Advertiser 6,724 -5.1pc
Carmarthen Journal 16,904 -8.1pc
County Times and Express 15,205 -3.5pc
Cynon Valley Leader 6,589 -11pc
Denbighshire Free Press 6,627 -1.7pc
Echo Extra 50…

Vote for Welsh Chocolate Fountains!

Welsh Chocolate Fountains have been nominated for an award at the first Welsh National Weddings Awards.
Please spare a few minutes of your time by voting for them in Category 16, Region 3 West Wales.
Andrew Bowen would really appreciate your support.
Link -
To find our more about Welsh Chocolate Fountains, visit -

Latest results from 'The Ash'

Latest results from the Ashburnham Championship Links Golf Course in Pembrey –
Welsh Brewers Centenary Team Cup -
1, John Beynon, 37 pts; 2, Darren John, 37 pts; 3, Stephen Wayne Bolton, 37 pts.
Gold & Silver Medals Round 2 -
1, Nigel Powell, 82 - 14 = 68; 2, Colin Samuel, 85 - 14 = 71; 3, Jeffrey Bird, 77 - 06 = 71.
A & E Charles Cup (Ladies) -
1, Helen Davies, 43 pts; 2, Catherine Jones, 41 pts; 3, Barbara Buckland, 39 pts.
‘Medal 12’
1, Jayne Evans, 97 - 25 = 72; 2, Jean Peace, 102 - 29 = 73; 3, Barbara Buckland, 101 - 27 = 74.
Bowen Cup
1, Robin Staines, 40 pts; 2, Derek William Connor, 38 pts; 3, Terry Morgan, 37 pts.
May E Jones (Medal 13)
1, Eleanor Roberts, 96 - 22 = 74; 2, Maria Davies, 94 - 19 = 75; 3, Leena Lodha, 95 - 20 = 75.
Powell Cup and Medal –
1, Nia Greville, 75 - 06 = 69; 2, Jennifer James, 90 - 18 = 72; 3 Catherine Jones, 89 - 15 = 74
Howard White Bogey –
1, Yvonne Williams, 1 up (24); Mari Jones, All Sq. (24); 3 Julie Ace, All Sq. (06).
John Pugh Cup –
1, Brian Williams, 3…

Robot nominated to carry Olympic Flame

Scientists at Aberystwyth University have nominated a humanoid robot to carry the Olympic Flame as part of the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay.
The iCub has been nominated by Dr James Law from the Department of Computer Science to mark the centenary in 2012 of the birth of Alan Turing, the father of modern computer science.
A child-like humanoid robot, the iCub is part of a research project at Aberystwyth University into how learning processes in young children can be translated into strategies for learning in robots.
James said: “2012 will mark the 100th anniversary of the birth on Alan Turing, the founder of computer science and a figurehead for the code breaking efforts of WWII. A robot torch bearer would be a fitting tribute to Alan Turing, and an inspiration to future generations of scientists and engineers.
“Alan Turing is widely known for his role in developing computing methods for code breaking in WWII, but this is only a small part of his truly inspiring work. He created one of…

New price comparison site helps veterans

A new price comparison insurance website has been launched with the specific aim of helping deliver healthcare to armed services veterans.
Called, the new UK website is the brainchild of a team of veterans led by Kevin Richards, who is a director of
“It’s a simple idea – a site which can help anyone find the best possible deal on different types of insurance with the key add-on that it also helps to raise funds to provide healthcare for armed services veterans,” said Mr Richards.
“It’s a powerful sales message. Members of the public can help our brave servicemen and servicewomen by carrying out a routine activity which is very much a part of everyone’s lives nowadays, searching the internet for the best possible deal.
“In addition to getting a good deal on insurance customers can feel happy that they have contributed towards charitable funds to help the treatment of veterans.”
The ForcesAid website allows price comparison on car insurance, home insurance, motor…

'Let's keep Llandeilo as a hot-spot destination'

Llandeilo businessman, brewer and pub owner Simon Buckley has written the following article for the Carmarthen Journal about the current debate about the planned Sainsbury’s superstore for Llandeilo -
Llandeilo is an unspoilt town in a fantastic setting in rural west Wales.
It is a town that has developed its historic roots to become one of the most sought-after places to live in. It has become a hot-spot tourist destination.
Llandeilo has been praised in The Sunday Times, The Mail on Sunday, The Independent and many more internationally-recognised Journals.
So why, on the back of that success, do we not want the culminating glory of a Sainsbury’s superstore?
Llandeilo is a market town where we are blessed with a significant number of owner-operator shops - shops that are sensitive to local needs and source their produce in the local marketplace. For example, our butchers source their meat from local farms.
The wider community travels to Llandeilo as an administrative centre to use the Po…

Chance for Pendine residents to clear out rubbish

Residents in Pendine are being urged to have a good clear out and recycle any rubbish they have lying around the home.
A ‘Recycling on the go’ event is being held on Saturday, September 17, in the car park between 8am and 10.30am.
Householders can take advantage of this one-off chance to dispose of any large items of rubbish for free.
Most household waste can be taken along including bulky waste items such as furniture and electrical goods. However, asbestos, tyres, paint, garden chemicals, batteries, gas bottles, construction waste and trade waste will not be accepted. As much as possible will be recycled.
The event has been organised by Carmarthenshire County Council and the aim is to encourage residents to dispose of waste that may otherwise be fly-tipped as well as encourage them to recycle and/or reuse as much of their rubbish as possible.
Executive Board Member for the Environment Cllr Philip Hughes said: “Bulky waste such as furniture, wood and cardboard left lying in and around ho…

New luncheon club for Garnant

A new luncheon club got underway in Garnant last week with 17 new members turning up for its first day.
The club is run by volunteers, and is held every Thursday at the Garnant Club, Cwmamman Road.
It is one of the latest to be launched by the independent sector since Carmarthenshire County Council handed over responsibility for such clubs in order to allow them to become more flexible.
The club provides an opportunity for older members of the community to meet and socialise over a freshly cooked hot meal.
Entertainment, including bingo, is also provided.
Local member, Cllr Kevin Madge, has worked closely with the community to get the new club up and running.
He said: “We were thrilled to welcome 17 new members on the first day of the club, and hope that this will grow over time. This new club provides a great sociable activity for older members of the community, and the volunteers that have taken it on deserve all the support and praise they can get. Well done to everyone involved.”
For fur…

Blood pressure checks for Carmarthenshire staff

Carmarthenshire County Council staff are taking advantage of potentially life-saving health checks.
The authority’s occupational health department is hosting blood pressure checks at two of its Carmarthen bases as part of the Blood Pressure Association’s Know Your Numbers Week, September 12-18.
The aim is to make staff more aware of the risks associated with high blood pressure, such as stroke and heart disease.
The first blood pressure checks took place today (Monday, September 12) at St David’s Park. Staff working at County Hall are being offered checks on Wednesday, September 14.
Checks have been offered recently at locations in Ammanford and Llanelli.
Cllr Pat Jones, the council’s executive board member for health and social care, said: “It is very important that we look after our staff to ensure we have a strong and healthy workforce. This is also an opportunity for our occupational health teams to engage with more members of staff and to inform them of a wider range of health service…

Great British Pub Awards Night - The Pictures!

Pictures from the Great British Pub Awards Night at The Hilton in Park Lane, London. The Cricketers in Cathedral Road in Cardiff was Welsh nomination for best pub food in the UK.

Ninfarium indoor garden revamped at Aberglasney

The popular Ninfarium indoor garden at Aberglasney House and Gardens has had something of a makeover.
During the summer, Aberglasney head gardener Joseph Atkin and his staff have been working hard to establish new and interesting plants in the garden, which sits right at the breathing heart of Aberglasney.
“The Ninfarium is always a popular spot with visitors. It’s an unique place created out of the ruins of the old central rooms and courtyard of the mansion house,” said Mr Atkin.
“It is also unique in the fact it has its own temperate and sub-tropical climate, sitting under a splendid glass atrium.
“This gives us wonderful opportunities to be creative with the plants we are able to put on display.
“The climate and the conditions lend themselves to displaying the rare and very unusual and we have been busy this summer creating new displays which will be appreciated by both new visitors and regular visitors to the gardens.”
Mr Atkin said: “Since March the Ninfarium has gone through quite a c…

Three firms in running for Aberystwyth project

Aberystwyth University has announced that three companies have progressed on to the latest phase of bidding for the development of new halls of residence that will provide modern self-catering accommodation for 1000 students.
The companies are Sir Robert McAlpine Limited, Miller Construction Limited, Balfour Beatty Student Accommodation.
This is the latest phase in a process that was initiated at the beginning of March when the University issued a contract notice via the Official Journal of the European Union, inviting expressions of interest from potential developers.
The University is seeking partners and innovative solutions to meet the need to continue to provide excellent accommodation to its students into the future.
The potential development would represent an increase of 500 beds on current levels as well as replacing existing accommodation, and provide an opportunity to further develop the unique and popular student experience Aberystwyth has to offer.
Subject to planning approv…

Race on for tickets for Aberglasney Ball

The annual Aberglasney Summer Ball is being held on Saturday (September 17) in the mansion house at the stunning gardens in the Tywi Valley.
It is a Black Tie affair with a champagne reception, a band and fireworks later in the evening. The event is being organised by Helen Scutt and Robert Pugh.
Tickets are £45 a head and there are limited spaces left.
For further information about tickets, contact Aberglasney Gardens on 01558 668998.

Joseph Atkin's latest Aberglasney column

Aberglasney’s Head Gardener Joseph Atkin continues his weekly column in the South Wales Evening Post -
There is certainly a feeling that summer is coming to an end, especially with this wet and windy weather.
This is a time of year when you want time to stop and summer to continue. However, it is not all gloom.
Autumn heralds more than just autumn colour, like spring there is a flush of late colour.
This late colour is welcomed with the onset of winter, as it gives the garden a final burst of interest before cutting back the herbaceous perennials starts.
In the wild, there are many plants that either lay dormant through the summer or come into growth very late in the summer.
These wild plants have either become garden plants or been breed into cultivation for this characteristic.
Some are simply late flowering or bulbs that grow in spring and flower in autumn like Crocus or Colchicum.

One of the famous late summer and autumn flowering plants is Cyclamen (pictured above under a tree at Aberg…

This week's special offers with Jenkins Bakery

This week's special offers (inc 4 scones, fruit or plain, £1.50) are now up on the Jenkins Bakery website -

Aberystwyth professor keynote speaker at conference

Richard Jackson, Professor in International Politics at Aberystwyth University, was the keynote speaker at the Decade of Terrorism and Counter-terrorism since 9/11 conference taking place at the University of Strathclyde and Glasgow City Chambers.
Professor Jackson spoke on Unknown Knowns: The Subjugated Knowledge of Terrorism Studies.
Professor Jackson said, “It is important that we encourage a more critical approach to the issue of terrorism but first, we need to take stock of what has already been achieved over the last 10 years.
"What we need to do to improve such studies is to bring subjugated knowledge to the field and take into consideration other forms of knowledge, for example peace studies. This will ultimately help us advise governments and key policy makers.”
Professor Jackson is the founding editor of the journal Critical Studies on Terrorism.
Together with Jeroen Gunning and Marie Breen Smyth, Richard Jackson is co-editor of the Routledge Critical Terrorism Studies Book …

Choral Society off to Winchester Cathedral

The prestigious and historic venue of Winchester Cathedral will be home to the mighty singing force of the Llanelli Choral Society for a performance the great choruses and arias from world opera and oratorio.
Under the direction of acclaimed conductor John Hywel Williams MBE, one of Wales’ largest mixed choral forces will take audiences on a choral experience spanning Il Travatore, Nabucco, Aida, Cavalleria Rusticana, The Armed Man, Creation, Elijah and Messiah.
Highlights will include Zadok the Priest, Anvil Chorus, Chorus of Hebrew Slaves, Grand March, Easter Hymn, Benedictus, Achieved is the Glorious Work from The Creation, Elijah’s Thanks be to God and favourites from Handel’s Messah included the Hallelujian Chorus.
The evening will also include Welsh soprano, Adele O’Neill, pianist Jean Hywel and organist Rob Nicholls.
“To perform such a rich choral tapestry from the great choruses from world operas and oratorios in the beautiful surroundings of Winchester Cathedral will be a joy for…

Lifelong learning courses ready to start

More than 230 new lifelong learning courses are being offered at venues across the county by Carmarthenshire Adult Community Learning Service.
If you are interested in learning new skills, developing your job prospects improving your Welsh or taking up a new hobby, joining a part time course could be for you.
Last year, more than 2,300 people studied with Learning Carmarthenshire and 98 per cent of learners said they would recommend a course to a friend.
Lifelong Learning Manager Matt Morden said: “There has never been a better time to gain new skills and qualifications. By joining one of our courses you will have the opportunity to widen your career options, start an inspiring new hobby, improve your health and wellbeing and gain confidence and social benefits through learning with others.
“We can also help people develop their work related skills such as CV writing, computer skills, English, Maths and languages. There are also a wide range of clubs and societies run at Community Educ…

Story sessions at Ammanford Library

Story time sessions for pre-school children are taking place at Ammanford Library from this week.
The sessions will be held on Fridays during term time, from 1.30pm to 2.15pm. For more information contact the library

Bargains on offer at Ammanford Library

Bookworms can grab a bargain at Ammanford Library this month.
A book sale is taking place at the Carmarthenshire County Council owned facility from September 12 to 24, during normal library opening hours.
Books for adults and children in Welsh and English as well as a small selection of CDs, DVDs, talking books and videos are for sale.
The sale, taking place at the library in Wind Street, is to sell withdrawn stock to create room for new material.
Book sales which have been held in the past have always proved very popular with the public.
Regional Library Manager Myrddin Morgan said: “The book sale is a great opportunity for the public to pick up bargains and in doing so help the library to create space for new stock which will then be available to the whole community.
“The sale is also a further encouragement for people to pick up some books and use their local library.”
There are more than half a million books available in Carmarthenshire’s libraries and mobile libraries, as well as music,…

Hang on to your vote in 2012

Voter registration forms will soon be dropping through letterboxes across Carmarthenshire.
People are urged to return them as soon as possible to make their voices heard in the local elections taking place in May 2012.
Electoral Registration Officer Mark James said: “Registering to vote is very simple. All you have to do is update the annual canvass form with the details of everyone in your household who is eligible to vote and return as soon as possible. If there are no changes to the form then you may confirm by free phone or internet.
“There was a lot of interest in this year’s National Assembly election and on the referendums held in Wales in March on the Assembly’s further law-making powers, and in May on the Parliamentary voting system. We were pleased with the increase in registration shortly before polling day. However, some people may not realise that they have to register every year. It is important to complete and return the registration form to take part in the upcoming elec…

Worries about pay cuts for Carmarthenshire staff

Press release issued by Carmarthenshire County Labour Party's “Team Carmarthenshire” -
The Carmarthenshire County Labour Party “Team Carmarthenshire” have expressed their deep concern at the situation in the County Council regarding pay cuts for county staff.
Chair of Team Carmarthenshire Llanelli's Jan Williams said:“I am disgusted at what I am hearing from Council staff concerning massive cuts in pay, and with some staff members being bullied into signing agreements to have their pay reduced.
"I am dismayed at the reports we have been receiving at these swingeing cuts being forced on lower paid workers. I am determined to see that Team Carmarthenshire does all it can to give support to Council staff.”
Team Carmarthenshire Secretary, Carmarthen Town Councillor Philip Grice said:“We understand that this is both a cross-party issue – and an extremely complicated one.
"Accordingly, I have written to Chief Executive Mark James to seek an explanation as to what is happening. …

Alfie Boe's Llanelli programme revealed

After great secrecy, the musical veil has been lifted on the exciting programme which awaits audiences when the nation’s favourite tenor, Alfie Boe, performs in a grand choral performance in Llanelli.
When Alfie Boe joins the conductor John Hywel Williams, Llanelli Choral Society, Hywel Girls’ Choir & Hywel Boy Singers, Adele O’Neill, pianist Jean Hywel and organist Huw Tregelles Williams, audiences will enjoy a colourful masterpiece programme of music of solo and great choral ensembles spanning theatre musicals and classical as well as great choruses from opera and oratorio.
After Alfie Boe’s acclaimed leading role performance of Jean Valjean in the sold-out 25th anniversary concert performance of Les Miserables at the London O2 Arena at the personal request of Sir Cameron Mackintosh, audiences will be thrilled to hear that the programme will include an exciting mass-choral compilation with Alfie Boe with world-favourites from Les Miserables such as ‘At the End of the Day’, ‘Do you…

It's war on chewing gum litter!

A campaign has been launched to clean up our sticky streets.
Not only is chewing gum litter an eyesore but it can stick to people’s clothes and shoes and it is difficult and costly to clean up.
Carmarthenshire County Council, supported by Tidy Towns, has been chosen by the Chewing Gum Action Group to take part in a nationwide campaign to encourage people to put their gum in the bin or get fined £75.
The ‘Bin your Gum’ campaign is being launched at Bryngwyn Comprehensive School in Llanelli on Wednesday, September 14 by Wales Environment Minister John Griffiths.
It is taking place throughout September and Carmarthenshire’s gum-busting team will be out and about hoping the message sticks. They will be at Morrisons in Carmarthen on Tuesday, September 13; the St Elli Shopping Centre in Llanelli on Wednesday, September 14 and the Co-op in Ammanford on Thursday, September 15, between 11am and 2pm.
The council’s Executive Board Member for the Environment Cllr Philip Hughes said: “We are delighte…

Advice roadshow for Newcastle Emlyn

Newcastle Emlyn is the first to Carmarthenshire town to host a roadshow which will offer advice and information on issues such as reducing fuel bills, volunteering, benefit entitlements, housing and much more.
Advice and Support Carmarthenshire - a network of organisations that work together to help and advise on a variety of issues such money management and entitlements – is holding a series of road shows across the county during September and October.
The road show will make its first stop at the Mart car park in Newcastle Emlyn on Tuesday, September 27, where representatives from various partner organisations will be on hand to offer advice and information.
Amongst those signed up as part of the ASC network are Age Cymru, CAVS, Mencap, Job Force Wales, the Department of Work and Pensions and Citizens Advice Bureau.
Cllr Kevin Madge, chair of the ASC network, said: “We are really pleased to be able to take this road show right in to the heart of several Carmarthenshire communities where…

Roald Dahl Day at Llanelli Library

Children will be enjoying Roald Dahl Day at Llanelli Library next week.
Children’s librarian Lesley Creswell will be holding a session on Tuesday, September 13, from 10.30am - 11.30am.
Year five pupils from Pentip School have been invited along to the event where Lesley will talk about Roald Dahl and his books and read a story.
The children will also learn about libraries at the session.

Reminder about Welsh carrier bag charge

Shoppers in Carmarthenshire are being reminded about the introduction of the carrier bag charge.
From October 1, 2011 there will be a minimum charge of 5p for every single-use carrier bag in Wales.
The typical shopper in the UK uses anything up to 720 carrier bags every year.
The Welsh Government wants to drastically reduce the amount of single-use bags we use which is why from October you’ll be charged for a bag wherever you shop.
You don’t have to pay a penny though.
By remembering to take your shopping bag with you every time you shop you’ll avoid the charge and save valuable resources.
Each plastic bag can take up to 1,000 years to decompose, and may never breakdown in landfill.
Paper bags are not an environmentally friendly alternative; they are still a waste of natural resources.
Even starch based biodegradable and fully compostable bags use natural resources. If these are only used for one trip and not composted, these are a bigger waste of resources than conventional plastic carrier …

Llanelli's junior choristers off to Cornwall

The young choristers of Llanelli’s Hywel Girls’ Choir and Hywel Boy Singers will do a whistle-stop trip to Cornwall this October.
Fresh from their performance with the nation’s favourite tenor, Alfie Boe later this month, the Hywel choristers will head to Cornwall for a charity performance in Saltash with the Tintagel Orpheus Male Voice Choir.
During their quick tour, the choristers will have time to enjoy the world-famous Eden Project.
While tickets are a sell-out for the exciting Alfie Boe concert in Llanelli later this month which will feature the Hywel Girls’ Choir & Hywel Boy Singers, local audiences can next hear the choir in December at “The Magic of Christmas”, when they will be joined by the Llanelli Choral Society and town dignitaries and to welcome Christmas at Greenfield Chapel on Saturday 10th December.
“This season is a exciting mix of performances and travel for the choristers”, explains conductor John Hywel Williams.
“A grand performance with the nation’s favourite ten…