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Back home at Llanelli HQ

Back home at base camp after manic 48 hours.
Managed to get back to Llanelli in time for lunch with Llanelli Rotary Club.

Off to London

Busy 48 hours -
Carmarthen v Llanelli last night - we lost 0-3. Oh dear!
Business pitch to clients in Cardiff this morning - up against the big boys.
Now heading to London for the Great British Pub awards at the Hilton in Park Lane.

Mellanox provides high speed connectivity for HPC Wales

Mellanox Technologies, Ltd. (NASDAQ: MLNX; TASE: MLNX), a leading supplier of end-to-end connectivity solutions for servers and storage systems, announced today that its end-to-end 40Gb/s InfiniBand and 10GbE connectivity products have been selected by High Performance Computing Wales (HPC Wales), a five-year project that is providing advanced computing technology access to businesses and universities across Wales.
HPC Wales chose Mellanox’s state-of-the-art computing technology and infrastructure to increase its high-level skills development and training, and provide tailor-made support services to businesses.
The availability of this technology is expected to have a significant impact on the Welsh economy, business competitiveness, innovation, job sector, high value R&D in higher education institutions and skills development.
“The HPC Wales project will provide Wales with a world-class supercomputing network, a research and innovation institute, and a skills academy which will hav…

Advice on using Carmarthenshire litter bins

Residents in Carmarthenshire are being warned not to put their household waste in litter bins.
Council staff have reported that some litter bins are being used by residents to dispose of household or garden waste.
This means the bins are filling up sooner than if they were used for general litter.
Problems have been reported in Reservoir Road in Carmarthen and at Dafen pond in Llanelli in particular where litter bins are overflowing with household waste.
Some residents are also dumping bags of rubbish next to the bins.
Now residents are being warned that they could be prosecuted for a fly-tipping offence under the Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978 where the maximum fine is £2,500.
Environmental enforcement officers regularly carry out patrols across the county.
Executive Board Member for the Environment Cllr Philip Hughes said: “It is very disappointing that people are misusing the litter bins in this way as it is causing them to fill up too fast and then they can’t be used for litter.

Reminder on Carmarthenshire wheelie bins

Householders are being reminded that black/blue bags will not be collected from wheelie bins.
Residents are being urged to remove the bags from the wheeled containers before putting out for collection at the kerbside.
The council’s refuse/recycling crews are unable to collect from wheeled containers for health and safety reasons as there is an increased risk of injury due to the repetitive way in which staff would have to bend to collect the bags of unknown weight.
The bins are designed for mechanical emptying and not manual.
The council was able to collect from wheelie bins in previous years as the refuse Lorries used had a mechanical lift on the rear. However, these Lorries had to be phased out as the green bin/blue bag recycling scheme was introduced.
The council continues to collect from ordinary dustbins, as long as the waste is bagged. If the waste was loose it would mean staff would have to physically lift the bin over the height of the lorry well and whilst this may not seem too st…

Appeal on litter recycling bins

Residents in Carmarthenshire are being urged not to put general waste in the recycling section of the council’s street litter recycling bins.
The bins have two separate sections – one for general litter and the other for paper, cans and plastic bottles making it easier for recycling. There is also an ashtray on top as well as chewing gum disposal.
The bins have been installed in towns across the county as well as in the National Botanic Garden of Wales and will help to increase the county’s recycling rate and reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill.
However, staff emptying the bins said the recycling section is contaminated with general litter, including food waste.
Now residents are being reminded to please use the correct sections.
Executive Board Member for the Environment Cllr Philip Hughes said: “We must do our best to recycle as much of our waste as possible so it is vital people co-operate by making sure they put their recyclable litter in the right section.
“If these bins are…

Grant cash helps new business centre

Penybanc Business Services have turned a former calving shed into a Business and Training Centre following a Rural Conversion Grant of £60,548 from RDP.
The Centre has recently opened in Drefelin.
The Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007-2013 is funded by the Welsh Government and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and you can find out what grants may be available for you by visiting the West Wales European Centre’s website

Latest 'View from Richmond Park' column from the Journal

The latest 'View from Richmond Park' Carmarthen Town AFC column from the Carmarthen Journal -
The spotlight falls on some of Carmarthen Town manager Tomi Morgan’s new recruits to Richmond Park this week –
Colin Staples (Assistant Manager) Colin rejoins Morgan’s team after being appointed as Town’s Academy Director. He is a highly qualified coach with international experience. Was Tomi’s assistant during his previous reign.
Rhys Wilson (goalkeeper) Born: 11.06.92. Rhys has recently been released by Aberdeen and has returned to Wales to look for a new challenge. He played in all the pre-season friendlies and has looked a fine prospect.
Kyle Graves (defender) Born: 01.04.89. One of Morgan’s new signings for the 2011-12 season. Kyle was previously with Haverfordwest County where he established himself as a very polished defender.
Steve Berry (defender) Born: 25.01.91. Steve begins his first season with Carmarthen Town having spent last season playing in Sweden. A very skilful defender …

Grant boost for family's conversion plan

A therapy room, offices, multi purpose IT training room, gallery and innovations workshop have been opened in Panteg by Peter and Hazel Saville.
The Savilles received a grant of £154,185 through RDP’s Rural Conversion Grant to turn a Dutch barn, Cegin Fach and cowshed into the new facilities.
The Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007-2013 is funded by the Welsh Government and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and you can find out what grants may be available for you by visiting the West Wales European Centre’s website

Boost for Carmarthenshire waste figures

New figures show Carmarthenshire has again reduced the amount of waste it is sending to landfill.
During 2010/11 the county sent 20,603 tonnes of biodegradable municipal waste (BMW) to landfill – that’s just 61% of its 33,919 tonnes allowance.
The figures have been revealed in the Landfill Allowances Scheme for Wales annual report, published by the Environment Agency Wales.
The Landfill Allowances Scheme (LAS) limits the amount of biodegradable municipal waste - such as paper, cardboard and kitchen scraps - that councils are allowed to send to landfill. And if council exceed these limits, it can lead to fines.
Reducing the amount of waste going to landfill also helps to cut greenhouse gas emissions, as methane produced by the breakdown of BMW in a landfill can be up to 25 times worse than carbon dioxide.
The aim is to encourage the reduction, recycling, composting and treatment of this type of waste.
Carmarthenshire was one of eight local authorities in Wales to be singled out for using the…

50,000 visits chalked up!

Thank you very much, folks. Thanks to you, dear readers and visitors, this blog is continuing to pick up more hits.
It's now hit the 50,000 page views mark.
That's 3,000 more views since August 22.
Keep the hits coming, folks! Much appreciated.
Many thanks.
See earlier post -
Meanwhile, the blog has chalked up its first visitor from Kenya.
The full country by country list (figures from January 6, 2010) is as follows -
United Kingdom (GB) 15,480; United States (US) 1,747; Belgium (BE) 274; India (IN) 133; Canada (CA) 107; Germany (DE) 101; Australia (AU) 91; France (FR) 90; Taiwan (TW) 85; Ireland (IE) 73; Europe (EU) 57; Spain (ES) 39; Italy (IT) 37; Netherlands (NL) 37; Philippines (PH) 34; Qatar (QA) 29; Pakistan (PK) 28; New Zealand (NZ) 28; Brazil (BR) 27; Malaysia (MY) 26; Poland (PL) 25; United Arab Emirates (AE) 22; Russian Federation (RU) 21; Japan (JP) 21; Singapore (SG) 17; South Africa (ZA) 17; Swed…

In the news today . . .

Nia Greville's latest success at The Ashburnham Championship Links golf course is featured in the Carmarthen Journal today.
Carmarthen Journal puts the spotlight on tonight's crunch Welsh Premier League derby match between Carmarthen and Llanelli (7.30pm).
'View from Richmond Park' Carmarthen Town AFC column in the Carmarthen Journal today.
Carmarthen Journal business page puts the spotlight on the Red Kite Law firm and their Investors in People award.
Picture spotlight on Donna Crawshaw's art exhibition at Aberglasney Gardens in the Carmarthen Journal today.
Splendid picture spotlight in the Llanelli Star showing Graham Williams taking over as President of Llanelli Rotary Club.
Nice spotlight on Cor Meibion Llanelli member John Davies celebrating his diamond wedding with wife Lorraine in the Llanelli Star today.

Jean Monnet Chair for Aberystwyth lecturer

Dr Elena Korosteleva, Senior Lecturer in European Politics in the Department of International Politics and Director of the Centre for European Studies, at Aberystwyth University, has been awarded a prestigious Jean Monnet Chair for teaching European integration studies.
Dr Korosteleva is one of only three Chairs awarded to UK higher education institutions this year and this appointment represents a significant milestone for the development of the recently re-launched Centre for European Studies.
Dr Korosteleva said, “I am honoured that the European Commission has chosen both me and Aberystwyth University for this award. The Jean Monnet Chair is conferred on higher education institutions which demonstrate excellence in teaching European integration studies, and the work of the Department of International Politics and the Centre for European Studies has been recognised as world class in this respect. The innovative nature of the Centre for European Studies, being a research-led learning …

Exceptional year at Aberystwyth University

This year, Aberystwyth University has experienced a record number of student applications.
This, together with an above average number of students achieving their grades has resulted in an exceptional year for student recruitment.
Professor Martin Jones, Pro Vice-Chancellor said: “We feel privileged to be in this position. Aberystwyth University was the only Welsh university not to enter clearing this year which is testament to the high quality teaching and learning provision at Aberystwyth. A year on year strong performance in student satisfaction has resulted in a record number of students accepting a place at the University.”
At a time when the number of students from Wales is in actual decline, Aberystwyth has increased the numbers of students from Wales by 4% and in areas of high national priority.
Aberystwyth has broken all records in recruitment to Mathematics and Physics. Numbers of acceptances are up by 24% and 58% respectively (well above national trends for acceptances to t…

Back home from Aberystwyth

Wild drive back from Aberystwyth - fallen trees and flooded roads.
Safely back on deck after busy day yesterday with my pals in Bridge Street.
Decided to stay overnight in Aber, accommodation kindly provided by young Alan Morris.
Mini pub crawl and a splendid curry at restaurant by the railway station.
Trek home interesting but made it in time for a photocall at Ashburnham Golf Club.

iPhone App conference for Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth University is hosting the UK’s first conference for iPhone App developers.
With Apple selling more than $2 billion worth of Apps last year, a figure that is forecast to increase to anything from $15 to $38 billion by 2015, Apps are becoming big business and an essential part of mobile communications.
On the 7th to the 9th of September Aberystwyth University will host the UK’s first conference for the developers of apps for iPhones and iPads.
iOS DEV UK ( is being organised by Professor Chris Price from the Department of Computer Science, himself a developer of apps for learners of Welsh.
More than 170 delegates, mostly from the UK, are expected to attend the three day event at Aberystwyth.
However, there has also been significant international interest with developers from Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, Finland, Holland, Ireland and the USA expected to make the journey.
Conference speakers include Dave Addey, Managing Director of Agant Limited, dev…

Response to South Wales Guardian re Sainsbury's

Llandeilo businessman, brewer and pub owner Simon Buckley has written the following letter to the Ammanford-based South Wales Guardian about the current debate about the planned Sainsbury’s superstore for Llandeilo -
I read with interest your leader (comment and opinion) column where you suggested that the generational planning decision of whether to grant Sainsbury’s planning or not in Llandeilo should be considered in the light of moving on.
Moving on infers that we should lower our ideals and standards and accept any development, at any costs.
I am delighted that Llandeilo is no Ammanford.
The problems that the community of Ammanford is now suffering with the lack of choice of shops and traffic gridlock as a result of the massive Tesco development is a very good reason for us not to move on as you suggest.
The development is not for Llandeilo either under the guise of Tesco, Sainsbury’s or any other massive retailer.
Llandeilo is a market town that is now internationally recognised…

Simon Buckley's latest letter on Sainsbury's debate

Llandeilo businessman, brewer and pub owner Simon Buckley has written the following letter to the Carmarthen Journal about the current debate about the planned Sainsbury’s superstore for Llandeilo -
With the debate continuing over the planned Sainsbury’s superstore for Llandeilo, I am moved to ask - Is local democracy dead?
Why will the three councillors, who claim have our interests at heart, not talk to us?
Ieuan Jones for a long time hid behind the fact ‘it is not my area of responsibility and it’s not in my ward’.
JJ Davies has either not worked out how to turn on his computer or has just simply decided not to respond - ignorance beyond belief.
Clive Scourfield, who has the most important role in all of this, has declined to meet, with no reason given. But, I suppose, we must be thankful for a response!
Simplistically, our elected representatives are failing us.
In this case, neither Councillor Scourfield nor Councillor Davies should sit on the planning committee for this decision…

VIP visitor for Healing The Wounds

There was a VIP visitor to the Bridgend HQ of the Healing The Wounds charity, the Welsh-based team which works to treat victims of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).
Ogmore MP Huw Irranca-Davies was on a fact-finding visit to catch up with the work of the charity.
The charity’s work has stepped up another gear in recent months, with regular treatment courses for victims of PTSD taking place at the charity’s HQ.
Healing The Wounds executive director and charity founder Kevin Richards said: “Mr Irranca-Davies seemed genuinely interested in the treatments for post traumatic stress that we deliver to our veterans of the Armed Forces.
“We were delighted that he spent his time listening to us.
“Healing the Wounds is forging ahead with plans to set up a dedicated residential facility within Wales for the treatment of PTSD and we are currently considering a number of affordable options.”
Healing the Wounds secretary Carol Richards, who is also a trained PTSD treatment practitioner, said: …

Grim result for Carmarthen Town

Carmarthen Town website updated with yesterday's grim result from Prestatyn in the Welsh Premier League -
The Seasiders blew away the challenge of Carmarthen Town by 6-1 to record their biggest win since joining the Welsh Premier League in 2008/9 and go second in the table.
Two goals from Neil Gibson led the rout which eclipsed Prestatyn Town's previous best efforts of 5-0 wins at home to Caernarfon in 2008/9 and at Caersws a season later.
Besides Gibson's double, which included a 35th minute penalty, the goals came from a Dave Hayes header (18), a superb free kick from Ross Stephens (23), Steve Rogers on 36 minutes and Chris Davies (56).
It could well have been seventh heaven a minute from time when Dan Evans' sweet chip pinged back off the crossbar.
Jack Christopher scored his first for the Old Gold in miserable circumstances late on in the match.
Prestatyn Town -
Dave Roberts, Chris Davies, Martin Beattie, Dave Hayes, Paul O'Neill, Gareth Wi…

Latest special offers from Jenkins Bakery

Latest special offers from the Jenkins Bakery (inc 2 fresh cream eclairs £1.60) now up on the website -

Rupert Moon named as film festival patron

Parc-y-Scarlets Commercial Director Rupert Moon has agreed to be Patron of Carmarthen Bay Film Festival.
This brand new festival will be the first held in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, which was the birthplace of Wales' very first Hollywood film star, Gareth Hughes.
One of the aims of the festival is to promote and showcase local/Welsh and Wales-based film makers.The entry fee for these film makers will only be £10!
Fore more, see -