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New beer celebrates eight generations

The Llandeilo-based Evan-Evans brewery has launched a new premium beer to celebrate the birth of Harry John Buckley the 8th generation of the Buckley brewing family.
The new beer, to be known as HBA, or Harry Buckley’s Ale, is one of the new generation of premium beers to be launched by Evan-Evans this autumn.
HBA is a 5% strong ale that has received rave reviews in testing.
It is now widely available throughout South and North Wales.
The beer is a strong ale that is to be savoured. It has a unique dry palette.

Simon Buckley, chief executive of Evan-Evans, said: “Our brewery has had a good year, and this new generation of beers is the next piece in the jigsaw as we move forwards.
“We have spent the last few months developing a new range of strong beers that will be launched over the autumn and winter months and will mean that the company has a range of beers that are second to none in the specialist sector in Wales.
“The combination of our Archers and Evan-Evans brands is an enviable portf…

Back to business after party . . .

Wonderful family party this weekend to celebrate 25th wedding anniversary. Carol and I were married at Penuel Chapel, Loughor, on Saturday, September 21, 1985.
Thanks to all the family who helped organise the party - and turned up!
Now, back to work!