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Strange but true . . .

The Keep Britain Tidy campaign should take its own advice and "bin the filth" by removing posters which use "offensive" sexual innuendo, campaigners said.
The posters - which use phrases including "trim my bush", "see the size of our Fanny's", and "Are you a dirty Chucker?" - were "offensive and inappropriate", the Plain English Campaign said.
They are part of Keep Britain Tidy's "youth litter" campaign and are marked as appropriate for anyone over the age of 15.
I'm with the Plain English campaign here. Who dreams up these advertising campaigns?

Quote of the day

"Chips, minced beef and onion pie. Better tea, and being able to call football 'football' and not 'soccer'" - TV's "Nasty" Nigel Lythgoe is happy to return to England after years in Los Angeles.
With you there, Nigel, on the football not soccer front.

Carmarthen pupils put shakes to the test

Model Primary School pupils have been licking their lips to the delights of a new milk shake product they have helped to put to the test.
Carmarthenshire County Council’s healthy eating mascot Dylan the Dragon was there to give a helping hand – and the milk shakes were given a definite thumbs up.
Carmarthenshire’s catering service is planning additional trials with the product, and if it is well received it may become part of the primary schools’ three week rolling menu.
Milk Break is fully compliant with the Welsh Assembly’s Appetite for Life recommendations, which seeks to improve pupils’ diets by increasing their consumption of fruit, vegetables and other foods containing essential nutrients and reduce their consumption of fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt.
A 100ml beaker of the milk shake provides 62 per cent of the calcium requirements of an average school lunch; 48 per cent of the protein requirements; 16 per cent of the carbohydrate requirements and 10 per cent of the folate requi…

Wraps off Llanelli centre

The wraps have come off a new extension to Ty Gelli Resource Centre, a Carmarthenshire County Council-run facility catering for children and families in the Llanelli area.
Ty Gelli offers a wide range of facilities including a play room, sensory room, meeting rooms, art room plus full kitchen and bathroom facilities, and is used for supervised contact between parents and children, family support work and direct work with families and children in the locality.
The new extension has added a further bathroom and outside play area which are both fully equipped for disabled access and use.
The work has been financed by Carmarthenshire County Council as part of its investment in children’s services facilities.
It was officially declared open by Carmarthenshire County Council chair Cllr Tyssul Evans on Thursday, September 17.
Director of education and children’s services Vernon Morgan, speaking at the opening, said: “I am absolutely delighted to be able to thank the staff publicly for the work th…

Learn a new language call to Carmarthenshire

Carmarthenshire people are being encouraged to say Bonjour, Hola or Guten Tag to learning a European language.
Staff at the Carmarthen-based West Wales European Centre are encouraging people to learn a new lingo as they prepare to celebrate the European Day of Languages (EDL) on Saturday, September 26.
Countries all over Europe observe the occasion each year, celebrating the 200 languages spoken in the continent alone.
EDL was first celebrated in 2001 and now with 45 countries involved, it's getting bigger every year.
Lorena Prist, European Networking Officer at the West Wales European Centre, said: “Each year we look forward to celebrating the European Day of Languages.
“A language reflects our life and culture - it influences how we see the world, and how we interact with each other.
“Learning a European language is highly rewarding, and will inspire you to visit European countries and understand more about different cultures.
“So whether you choose French, Spanish, German or Italian, …

Road to recovery at Ammanford - press release

An Ammanford businessman is literally building his own road to recovery from the recession.
Alun Richards is constructing a new road into the Tycroes Business Park at Llety.
And the move has been applauded by his MP, Nia Griffith.
“It is a tremendous boost for the business park and a huge advertisement for what can be done by local enterprise,” said Ms Griffith.
“I am hugely impressed by the work that has gone on to develop Tycroes Business Park. It has brought much-needed jobs to the area and we can take pride in the fact there are so many local businesses at the park carving out their own individual success stories.
“Alun Richards must be praised for his vision in making Tycroes Business Park work. It is a tremendous example of local enterprise at work – local people working together to create valued local jobs.”
The MP’s praise was seconded by Carmarthenshire county councillor Dewi Enoch, who represents the Tycroes ward.
Councillor Enoch said: “It is a great boost for the area. Local jobs…

Strange but true . . . man boobs

Man boob reduction operations across the UK have rocketed by more than 1,000% in five years.
Elderly and middle-aged Britons who have never dared show their naked torso in public are shaking off decades of shame and getting the problem cut out.
Plastic surgeons are increasingly seeing once-shy men pay out to have their embarrassing moobs reduced. Latest figures were highlighted by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) as it met in Cardiff at the start of its two-day annual conference.
Before you ask, I am not one of the statistics!

Quote of the day

"His basic ignorance about the way people behave is astonishing, talking in utterly implausible ways to one another" - Writer Philip Pullman criticises fellow writer Dan Brown.
But will I cave in and buy the book . . . er . . .

St Clears man handed litter fine

A St Clears man has been prosecuted for throwing litter out of a car outside the Carmarthen McDonalds restaurant.
Anthony Richard Winter was convicted at Ammanford Magistrates Court in his absence of an offence of littering.
The court heard that on Saturday March 7 this year Carmarthenshire County Council environmental enforcement officers were on patrol at McDonalds, Carmarthen, when they entered the overflow car park where they saw McDonalds food packaging being thrown out of an open window of a Black Renault Clio.
Officers approached the vehicle where they explained what had been witnessed. The driver immediately left the scene failing to give his details. Twenty three-year-old Winter was traced and later admitted in interview that he had thrown litter from a vehicle on the day in question.
Winter, of the Old Swan Hotel, St. Clears, was fined £175 and ordered to pay £120 costs.
Carmarthenshire County Council is determined to clean up the county and prosecute those that break the law.

Llangennech shopkeeper fined

A Llangennech shopkeeper has been fined for selling alcohol when there was no designated premises supervisor.
Abbas Hashemi, of The Sweet Store, Bridge Street, pleaded guilty at Ammanford Magistrates Court to an offence contrary to Section 136 of the Licensing Act, 2003.
The court was told that on February 28 last year Carmarthenshire County Council’s licensing department received a letter from the Designated Premises Supervisor saying that he no longer wanted to be the DPS.
At that time Mr Hashemi was the joint premises licence holder. A letter was sent to both licence holders saying that as there was no current DPS they were not licensed to sell alcohol until the situation was resolved.
The store was visited by a licensing officer on May 14 last year and alcohol was on display. They were told to remove it. Police visited on May 28 and the alcohol was on the shelves behind blinds. A licensing officer again visited on June 11 and no alcohol was on display. On September 13 a police saw alc…

Trimsaran woman dumped rubbish

A Trimsaran woman has been prosecuted for dumping rubbish over her neighbour’s garden fence when she moved home.
Donna Louise Calford pleaded guilty at Ammanford Magistrates Court on Monday to an offence contrary to Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The prosecution was brought by Carmarthenshire County Council.
The court was told that on Wednesday October 15, 2008, environmental enforcement officers were dealing with an unrelated problem at a house in Heol Llanelli, Trimsaran, when the owner of the house told them that black refuse sacks had been dumped on her land.
The officers checked the garden and saw a large amount of waste had been dumped, including soiled nappies and broken pieces of furniture. A rummage search was carried out and evidence relating to 22-year-old Calford at a previous address was found.
Also found were the building instruction to a childs trampoline. There was a similar trampoline in the rear garden of the house in Pant y Gino which backs onto it…

West Wales brewer has a pop at the Government

Simon Buckley from Evan-Evans has a go at Government's taxation of pubs and brewing.
See -

Pembroke Dock history book launched

A booklet recording the history of businesses in Pembroke Dock's Commercial Row has been produced.
‘Trades and Traders of old Commercial Row, Pembroke Dock' is the result of research carried out by the history class over three terms at Pembroke Dock Community Learning Centre.
Led by tutor, Tina Webb, the class started off by learning how to research family history which later encompassed community history.
Explained Tina: "As the group meets in Pembroke Dock, it was agreed this would be the focus of their research. They decided to concentrate on the social history of the town and its inhabitants.
"For a small group to look at the entire town in the timeframe available seemed an impossible task so it was decided to concentrate on one street. Commercial Row was chosen because it is just around the corner from the Centre."
As its name suggests, Commercial Row was a thriving business thoroughfare in the 19th Century and well into the last, located alongside the Royal Nav…

Children's authors in Pembrokeshire

A galaxy of children's authors will be helping Pembrokeshire youngsters celebrate reading and books next month.
Bernard Ashley, Shoo Rayner and Sioned Lleinau will be attending a special Children's Book Fiesta at Haverfordwest Library on Saturday October 3rd.
As well as story telling there will be workshops and demonstrations quizzes and competitions throughout the day.
Organised by Pembrokeshire County Council, the Book Fiesta marks National Children's Book Week - October 5th to 11 - by celebrating the joy of reading for pleasure.
Councillor Rob Lewis, Cabinet Member for Cultural Services, said the simple pleasure of reading a good book could not be overrated.
"A good book can take you on an imaginative journey every bit as exciting as a film or computer game and is still the major gateway into knowledge and education," he said.
At the Book Fiesta Bernard Ashley, who specialises in gritty writing for older youngsters, will be reading excerpts from his books includin…

Strange but true . . .

A 68-year-old man who still works at the first McDonald's restaurant in Missouri has been honoured for 50 years of service.
Leonard Rhomberg began his job at a McDonald's in the St Louis suburb of Crestwood in 1959, the year after it opened. And he still works there five days a week.
The restaurant's owners thanked Mr Rhomberg with a cake, gifts and a St Louis Cardinals jersey.
Wonder if he's fed up of saying, 'Do you want fries with that?'

Quote of the day

"My legs hurt, my body hurts, I'm very tired. I lost my toenails, had blisters and stuff but to finish, it's kind of like science fiction in a way" - Comedian Eddie Izzard, 47, after running 43 marathons in 51 days.
What a marathon. What a hero!

1000 chalked up

This blog is starting to pick up a little bit of momentum. It's now hit the 1000 page views mark. Keep the hits coming, folks! Many thanks.
See earlier blog -

Carmarthenshire reviews gambling policy

Carmarthenshire County Council is undertaking a review of its Gambling Policy.
The policy sets out the principles applied when the council is exercising its functions under the Gambling Act 2005.
The current policy, which was adopted by the authority in January 2007, must be reviewed at least every three years to ensure that it reflects feedback from the local community that the statutory objectives are being met.
Principal licensing officer Emyr Jones said: “As part of the review we are consulting a number of interested parties including licence holders, businesses, local residents and their representatives.”
Licensing Authorities responsibilities under the Act include being responsible for the licensing of premises where gambling activities are to take place by issuing Premises Licences; regulating members’ clubs and miners’ welfare institutes who wish to undertake certain gaming activities via issuing Club Gaming Permits and/or Club Machine Permits; issuing Club Machine Permits to Comm…

Pink Ladies idea for Carmarthenshire

Carmarthenshire County Council and Coleg Sir Gar have joined forces to encourage young women to enter the construction industry.
The Pink Ladies Pilot Scheme has been launched as part of the council and college’s new partnership with the Construction Youth Trust.
The CYT is a registered charity which acts to connect local communities with local construction employers. The aim of the organisation is to attract young people aged 16 to 30 into the construction industry.
This partnership will have a vital role in Carmarthenshire in trying to engage the economic inactive in local communities.
The partnership will link with Communities First areas, the Western Valleys programme, the job centres in Carmarthenshire, Careers Wales, Skill Build, Coleg Sir Gar, the future jobs fund project, the deprived area fund, the work ways project, and the council’s contractor partners.
Pink Ladies aims to attract female students to the construction courses run at the college.
Open days were run by the Constructi…

Quote of the day

"The trouble is Gordon Brown just takes the job too seriously. Tony Blair wore the job lightly but Gordon gets up half an hour before he's gone to bed. He hasn't slept for 10 years and he only speaks English as a second language, so what chance has he got?" - Impressionist and comedian Rory Bremner.
Poor old Gordon. Someone, give the guy a break!

Strange but true . . . prehistoric sat-nav!

Stone Age man used a complex network of hilltop markers like a prehistoric sat-nav to navigate across the countryside, a researcher has claimed.
Prehistoric man was able to travel between settlements across southern England and Wales, including Stonehenge, with ease due to their sophisticated layout.
Tom Brooks, historian and writer, said his research reveals these settlements and markers were built on a connecting grid of isosceles triangles that "point" to the next site. Mr Brooks, from Honiton, Devon, said this gave ancient man an easy way to navigate without getting lost.
Wonder if Prehistoric Man ever got stuck up the wrong lane, like some of today's juggernaut drivers?

Nice one Brockway!

Well done Derek Brockway, the BBC weatherman.
Just seen the international space station zoom overhead thanks to his tip.
Dead chuffed.

Youth exchange in Carmarthenshire

Carmarthenshire Youth Service hosted two foreign exchange programmes for young people during August.
The Youth in the World exchange project gave forty three young people from Italy and Israel the opportunity to learn all about sustainable development through the medium of Youth Work in the County.
Young people stayed at the Waunifor Centre and Pendine Outdoor Education Centre for ten days where they had a valuable insight into the Italian, Israeli and Welsh Youth Culture and how young people viewed their countries in relation to cultural issues.
Youth Worker Fiona Beale said:
“The young people worked together using experiential education, discussion groups, work shops and intercultural activities, utilising the unique environment of Carmarthenshire and South West Wales.
“They participated in a range of outdoor educational activities such as canoeing, kayaking and rafting down the Teifi River, coasteering in Saint Davids and a visit to St Faggons and the Welsh Assembly Government.
“The exch…

Scarlets attendance figures

Interesting series of comments on the Scarlet Fever website for Llanelli Scarlets fans.
See -
Figures gleaned from the official Magners League website show the following attendance figures -
2001-02 - 1st Home Game - 3,000
2002-03 - 1st Home Game - Not known
2003-04 - 1st Home Game - 4,300
2004-05 - 1st Home Game - 8,173 (Ospreys)
2005-06 - 1st Home Game - 5,688
2006-07 - 1st Home Game - 6,366
2007-08 - 1st Home Game - 5,293
2008-09 - 1st Home Game - 6,041
2009-10 - 1st Home Game - 6,075
So perhaps there is no need to be too despondent about the current attendance figures?

Gas for Upper Brynamman plan

Carmarthenshire County Council investigating bringing mains gas to Upper Brynamman.
The local authority is starting to work in partnership with a not-for profit company Warm Wales and Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council to provide a mains gas supply for the Upper Amman Valley.
Upper Brynamman was declared a Renewal Area in 2004 and is alongside the Amman Valley Renewal Area covering Tairgwaith and Lower Brynamman across the county border.
Carmarthenshire County Council head of housing Robin Staines said:
“In terms of tackling fuel poverty in particular the area does not benefit from a mains gas supply. The sources of heating for householders are limited to oil and solid fuel.
“This situation is replicated throughout many parts of rural Wales and is an issue in some rural parts of Carmarthenshire.
“The Council with partners are exploring a range funding opportunities available for deprived communities to support improvement of energy efficiency and bring alternative fuel supply to this…

Carmarthenshire house prices warning

The leader of Carmarthenshire County Council has described rising house prices in the county as a double-edged sword.
Cllr Meryl Gravell welcomed the evidence that the county was a popular place to live but said the council did not want to see young people leave and was acting to make sure affordable housing was available.
She said that the council has been involved in talks with the Welsh Assembly Government about using council land on which to build a mix of housing suitable for all sections of society.
A range of schemes are being undertaken to provide affordable homes for sale and for rent.
The Rural House Price Survey by Halifax shows that house prices in Carmarthenshire have risen by 182 per cent since 1999. The average price of a rural home in Carmarthenshire is now £140,998, up from £49,998 10 years ago.
Cllr Gravell said: “The house price increases are a double-edged sword. In one way it proves that the investment in the county over the past 10 years has been a success and those o…

Ernest wins Gwendraeth scooter derby

Fun-loving residents of a Gwendraeth Valley sheltered housing scheme have staged a scooter derby.
Residents of Nantyglo sheltered housing complex in Pontyberem had the chance to show that they still have plenty of go.
The Nantyglo Derby took place in Pontyberem Park and was won by resident Ernest Underwood.
The Derby Queen for the day was tenant Eileen Powell who went on a parade through the village.
Nantyglo sheltered scheme officer Amanda Wheelhouse said: “The derby went fantastically well. We had a very reasonable crowd watching.
“We got the village involved and found sponsorship for those taking part. We raised £860 and are going to hold a meeting to decide what to do with it.
“We wanted to show people that if they are elderly or infirm they can still have fun regardless of age or ability. The message is that moving into sheltered housing does not mean losing your independence but is actually a way of living independently with support.”
Council executive board member for housing and publ…

Boost for Llanelli hockey

Junior Girls Under 13s hockey is getting a boost at the home of the Scarlets.
There is no danger of rain stopping play because the venue is the magnificent new “barn” at Parc y Scarlets which is both for community as well as Scarlets use.
Hockey for girls has been on the decline in Llanelli and in an effort to encourage more interest there will be a pilot run with girls aged 11 to 13 years old only to start with on September 24 between 5-6pm.
Carmarthenshire County Council hockey development officer, Rae Ellis, said: ”Hockey at this age group has slightly decreased over the last couple of years so we have been working in partnership with the 5 x 60 Assembly initiative to help redress the imbalance.”
The 5 x 60 officer Rhian Davies said it was decided a "club" setting was required for this age group. The sessions will run every Thursday up to October half-term and after the break continue up to the first week of December and the cost is just £2 a session.
She said: “By going in…

Carmarthenshire tourist attractions delight

With temperatures soaring at the weekend Llanelli Promenade, Burry Port Harbour and Wales biggest visitor attraction, Pembrey Country Park pulled in thousands.
The ice cream kiosk on Llanelli prom was selling out of popular flavours of ice cream with queues up to forty deep looking for a cool treat.
Peddaloes were in demand at Llanelli North Dock for the first time since May.
At Pembrey Country Park there were more than 3,300 cars registered entering with passengers all enjoying the long promised barbecue weather.
The beach, forestry, park and ski slope were really busy and car parking spaces at Burry Port harbour were at a premium with hundreds flocking out to enjoy the weekend weather.
Parks right across the county were reporting heavy numbers
County executive board member Cllr Clive Scourfield said: “It just goes to show that the sun has got its hat on everyone has got a smile on their face.
“Let’s hope that we have a few more weekends like that to recharge the batteries after the disappo…

Cycle shelters for Penygaer

Carmarthenshire planners have agreed to allow cycle shelters to be built at a Llanelli primary school.
The county council had applied for planning permission for a range of work at Penygaer CP School including a parent waiting shelter and a widened pedestrian/cycle entrance on the northern side of the main gates, new cycle shelters for 20 cycles and two further parent waiting shelters near the school building off Bryndulais Avenue in Penygaer, Llanelli.
An officers’ report to yesterday’s meeting of the planning committee said: “The proposal to erect cycle storage and pedestrian waiting shelters at the school is part of a ‘Safe Routes in the Community’ initiative promoted by the Welsh Assembly Government.
“They are to be installed to cater for those who decide to travel in a sustainable and health promoting manner, making the choice more appealing. ‘Safe Routes’ are part of the Assembly’s measures for tackling level of fitness and obesity in the population, achieving targets towards using…

Carmarthenshire business fund praised

The simplicity of a new investment fund aimed at supporting small and medium sized companies in south west Wales has been praised by businesses who have successfully secured grant awards.
Businesses who successfully applied for funding from the South West Wales Local Investment Fund (LIF) welcomed the scheme during a networking lunch hosted by Carmarthenshire County Council.
The fund aims to increase the number of firms in the region and offer better support to existing companies.
Grants of up to £5,000 are being offered as part of the project, with equipment, premises improvement, one-off marketing costs, website development and specialist software all eligible.
One of those who have been successful is Neil Wilkinson, director of Newcastle Emlyn-based BCC IT Solutions.
His company provides IT services ranging from support contracts to maintenance, remote monitoring to wireless networks.
He has praised the LIF scheme for the simple way it is administered, which saves companies valuable time…

Strange but true . . . four-eyed fish!

Zoologists are celebrating after a pair of rare four-eyed fish were born at their aquarium.
The fish - known as anableps - originally come from the rivers of South America where they use their bizarre eyes to see both above and below the water's surface at the same time.
This is the first time the species has bred successfully at Blue Planet in Cheshire and the zoological team are hopeful that more babies are on the way, with several more females apparently pregnant.

Quote of the day

"I have never seen the point of John Hutton. Personality-free, he is a blank page who always bears the imprint of the last lobbyist who sat on him" - Labour MP Paul Flynn on the former defence secretary.

Good weekend for soccer!

Welshpool 1 Carmarthen Town 3
Having not recorded a win at Maesydre since April 1998, Carmarthen Town finally notched up a first League win that their form had threatened with a convincing win over the Mid Wales Lillywhites.
Danny Thomas broke the deadlock early on six minutes netting a left-wing Stuart Roberts cross. Then as the break approached he raced on to a long ball for his second lobbing home keeper Jack Cudworth who protested that the striker had handled.
Then with Sacha Walters adding a third on the stroke of half time Town established a comfortable first half lead. Michael Cronshaw netted a consolation goal just after half-time for the hosts but manager Deryn Brace will be pleased that Town have finally recorded a positive result to get their campaign underway.
Town: N Thomas, R Hughes, Smothers (Dodds 62'), Palmer, Handford, K Thomas, D Thomas, Walters (Brace 90'), Fowler, C Hughes, Roberts (Hicks 78') .
Llanelli 3 Newtown 2
The Reds beat Newtown 3 2 at Stebonheath w…

Carmarthen meeting for S4C

S4C viewers are invited to share their views on the channel’s services at a Q and A evening to be held at the Halliwell Centre, Trinity University College on Tuesday, 15 September at 7.00pm.
The event will be hosted by S4C Chairman, John Walter Jones and attended by S4C Director of Commissioning, Rhian Gibson, Director of Communications, Garffild Lloyd Lewis and Head of Corporate Affairs, Tim Hartley. There will also be an opportunity to discuss digital switchover, which has already started in the area.
For further details, please telephone 01352 754212.

Help for Ysgol Dewi Sant

Carmarthenshire planners have agreed to works to make it easier for pupils to walk or cycle to a Llanelli school.
The county council applied for planning permission for works at Ysgol Dewi Sant in Bryndulais Avenue including the replacement of the existing cycle storage facility with a new shelter and racks and also three separate parent waiting shelters.
An officers’ report to yesterday’s meeting of the planning committee said: “The proposal to erect cycle storage and pedestrian waiting shelters at the school is part of a ‘Safe Routes in the Community’ initiative promoted by the Welsh Assembly Government.”
The aim was to make it more appealing to cycle or walk to school which would have benefits in improving fitness and reducing greenhouse gases. It would also mean fewer cars parked near the school grounds,” the report added.

Safety help for Bryngwyn school

Planning permission has been granted for improvement works at a Llanelli comprehensive to make it easier to cycle or walk there.
Carmarthenshire County Council submitted an application for consent to carry out a range of work in the grounds of Bryngwyn Comprehensive School in Dafen Road, Dafen.
Yesterday’s meeting of the planning committee approved the scheme to provide new cycle storage shelters, a new pedestrian gate and widening the main entrance.
The scheme will also involve improving the routes into the school for pedestrians and cyclists. These include the widening and provision of footways, the provision of a widened pedestrian/cycle access to the school, and the replacement and addition of new lighting columns.
An officers’ report to the committee said: “The proposal to erect new cycle storage at the school is part of the authority’s ‘Safe Routes in the Community’ initiative promoted by the Welsh Assembly Government.
“The facility is to be installed to cater for those who decide to…

Sandy fast food van full of beans!

You've got to smile at this fast food van on the Sandy Water Park roundabout in Llanelli.
It's at the old Weslec store by Sandy Bridge.
The neat design is in the shape of a can of Branston beans.
Below is the view of the hatch open for business.

Strange but true . . .

The Woolworths website has appointed a head of Halloween to make sure customers have a truly terrifying October 31.
The online store, set up after the demise of the high street favourite, has entrusted mother-of-two Sally Bostock with the responsibility of selecting all of Woolies' Halloween costumes. She will also try out the face paints, buy scary toys and party props and taste-test Woolies' new online 'trick n' mix'.
The position of head of Halloween is a year-round role, with many orders for 2010 being made as early as February.
As Victor Meldrew would say, "I don't believe it!"

Quote of the day

"Where this leaves Banana Splits and Crushed Nuts is hard to know. And you can kiss goodbye to the Bakewell Tart" - Sir Terry Wogan on the decision in a works canteen to change the name Spotted Dick to Spotted Richard.
See earlier post -

Llanelli rugby posts plan gets thumbs-up

Plans to erect one of the Stradey Park rugby posts as a gateway feature into Llanelli have been approved by Carmarthenshire planners.
Carmarthenshire County Council applied for planning permission to put up the rugby posts at the Berwick roundabout.
An officers’ report to the planning committee said: “The scheme involves the relocation of one the two rugby posts of the former Stradey Park Stadium to the site which it is intended will act as a gateway feature on the approach to the town.
“The posts which are 9.6 metres tall and set 5.5 metres apart will occupy a central location within the island of the roundabout. They are to be painted white with a red lower section to match the playing colours of the Llanelli Scarlets and flat metal panels in the shape of saucepans on the top of each post.
“The proposal will assist in evoking a sense of place on the eastern approach to the town providing a commemoration of the sporting heritage of the former Stradey Park Stadium while at the same time a…

Site visit for Newcastle Emlyn plans

Carmarthenshire councillors will visit Newcastle Emlyn to look at the sites of two proposed supermarkets in the town.
Last week’s meeting of the county council’s planning committee considered applications for the development of a Lidl neighbourhood foodstore at Castle Motors, Station Road, and the construction of a retail convenience store at land off Tanyard Lane.
The Lidl application has been submitted by Lidl UK and Castle Motors and is for a new neighbourhood food store and for the relocation of premises for Castle Motors vehicle workshop.
Officers are recommending refusing the application. They say that the proposal is unacceptable because it goes against the council’s Sustainable Development policy to reduce car use, would increase traffic and does not include improvements to make the supermarket more accessible for customers not travelling by car. Bus services only run every two or three hours.
The Tanyard Lane application has been submitted by Eiddo Davies Properties Ltd and is to…

Wind mast for Pencader

Plans for a wind monitoring mast at Pencader have been approved by Carmarthenshire planners.
An application has been submitted by David Cox for a temporary mast for up to 24 months on Mynydd Llanllwni, to investigate the possibility of a wind farm development at Bryn Llewellyn Farm.
The company previously had consent for a monitoring mast but it has since lapsed without being implemented.
An officers’ report to last week’s meeting of the planning committee recommended granting planning permission.

Big clean-up for Llanelli

A major clean-up is being undertaken in Llanelli town centre.
The works, which started last week, are likely to take five weeks; they include cleaning and repairs of the glass canopies and power washing the streets.
Council workers are out and about in the town centre on Sunday mornings using high pressure jets on the whole pedestrianised area.
The works are carried out annually by the Street Scene division.
It is also part of a county council drive to make the town centre more attractive to shoppers and visitors.
Councillor Haydn Jones, executive board member for the environment, said: “Clean streets are important to our residents, and make the town centre more attractive to visitors.
“This clean-up is part of a number of environmental improvements taking place in Llanelli town centre, and will help promote it as a good place to shop and visit.”