NeoDynamic founder Neil Dyer to speak at Llanelli Rugby Business Network tomorrow

NeoDynamic founder Neil Dyer is to speak at the monthly meeting of the Llanelli Rugby Business Network tomorrow evening.
The aim of the Llanelli Rugby Business Network is to promote and enhance business in Wales, particularly within the local area.
During our meetings all attendees will be provided with the opportunity of introducing their business, the services they provide and the type of leads and introductions they are seeking, plus there will be ample opportunity for informal open networking in a friendly, informal and welcoming environment.
Neil Dyer will talk about the NeoDynamic’s approach to business support to start-ups, social enterprises and growth companies in Wales.
Neil will also share his passion for creative thinking within business and will provide us with his thought provoking opinion on education, innovation and entrepreneurship in Wales.
In addition, Neil will give an insight into the unique world of Students’ Unions resulting from his six years as their CEO.
There will be a small charge of £10 for attending (which will include the cost of light refreshments), which is payable on the night.
It is important that you register your interest prior to the event so that adequate refreshments can be provided.
Members of other networking groups are welcome to join us at our events for which there are no annual membership fees involved.

You can book online -

NeoDynamic website -


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