Helping Carmarthenshire's meadows spring back into life

Meadow owners in Carmarthenshire got together at a recent event to discuss forming a group.
More than 60 people attended the event held at the National Botanic Garden of Wales, which was organised by members of the Carmarthenshire Biodiversity Partnership.
The aim was to inspire the creation of a county-wide community of landowners which would support each other to improve the diversity of plants, fungi and animals on meadows, large or small, across Carmarthenshire.
Like much of the UK, where 98% of flower-rich meadows have been lost in the past century, Carmarthenshire’s traditional wildflower-rich meadows have been much reduced in the county and are now a rarity.
Through the formation of a meadows group, which could provide opportunities for landowners to come together and share experience, knowledge and enthusiasm, it is hoped that many more important areas of meadow in Carmarthenshire can be managed to enhance their wildlife.
Help will be provided initially through opportunities for training, access to information, visits to meadows and guidance with management.
Carmarthenshire County Council Biodiversity Officer Isabel Macho said: “This event was inspired by the highly successful Monmouthshire Meadows Group, a collection of 100 field owners, who over the past 10 years have greatly improved the quality of over 600 acres of Monmouthshire grassland.
“We have an opportunity in Carmarthenshire to work together in the same way. Already at this meeting, the chance for people to come together has allowed links to be made and experiences to be shared and I’m sure that working together a community of enthusiastic meadow owners can be helped to, and help each other to, manage these wonderful habitats.”

If you manage meadows and would like to be part of a Carmarthenshire Meadows Group, please contact Isabel Macho –; 01558 825390.


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