New sports equipment for Carmarthenshire schoolchildren

Schoolchildren across Carmarthenshire are to benefit from new sports equipment.
It comes after the council successfully secured grant funding for 18 bags of equipment to help deliver sporting games during break and lunch times.
Some 104 schools will share the items which include hoops, a ribbon set, skipping ropes, pom poms, tennis balls and bat and ball packs.
The equipment, funded by the Welsh Government, will be used in sessions which will be delivered by each school’s Bronze Ambassadors under the Young Ambassador programme throughout the term.
Ambassadors are trained by the council’s sport and leisure team and part of their role is to encourage and inspire other children in their school to take part in sport and physical activity by running lunchtime clubs.
The aim of the programme is to get more people, more active, more often. Research shows that that when presented with a range of sporting equipment, children are likely to become more active. There are three stages at county level – bronze, silver and gold – that start at primary school age right through to university level. Carmarthenshire student Nia Jones is a Platinum Young Ambassador and their voices are heard on sporting matters across Wales.
The council’s area sport and leisure manager, Gary Price said: “We’re delighted to have been able offer this service and give children the opportunity to take part in break or lunch time activity and access equipment they may not usually be able to.
“Many schools, particularly the rural schools and those in areas of poverty do not have sufficient equipment to facilitate such a scheme.”


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