Welsh landlords reminded about housing laws deadline

Landlords in Carmarthenshire are being reminded that there are just weeks left before the deadline to register under the new housing laws introduced in Wales.
By November 23, all landlords must register and self-managing landlords and agents will need to obtain a licence, as a requirement of the Housing (Wales) Act 2014.
To obtain a licence, self-managing landlords and agents must either complete training on-line or attend an approved training course.
Carmarthenshire County Council was the first local authority in Wales to be certified as a landlord trainer.
Rent Smart Wales is the service delivered by Cardiff City Council who have been designated by the Welsh Government to be the single licensing authority on behalf of all local authorities in Wales. They process registrations and grant licenses to all landlords and agents who need to comply with the legislation.
Over a hundred landlords have already completed their training with Carmarthenshire County Council, with many more booked onto courses in the coming weeks.
The advice to any landlords who have not yet registered, or undertaken the training if they also require a licence, is to act quickly.
Cllr Jim Jones, Executive Board Member with responsibility for enforcement, added: “Landlord registration and licensing will encourage more responsible letting and stricter controls to ensure a better relationship between landlords, tenants, and their communities.
“Landlords have been given until November 23 to sort out their registration and licensing. After that any non-compliance may result in enforcement action.”
The course provided by Carmarthenshire County Council is suitable for self-managing landlords only and not agents.
Further information about our training course can be found by searching for ‘landlord’ at www.carmarthenshire.gov.wales.



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