Warning on Halloween costume materials

Parents are being urged to take care when dressing their children up in costumes for Halloween.
Carmarthenshire County Council’s Trading Standards team and the Community Safety Partnership are warning parents to ensure flammable costume materials are kept well away from naked flames.
The flammability of costumes has featured in the media since a tragic accident involving the eight-year-old daughter of Strictly Come Dancing star Claudia Winkleman, who suffered severe burns when her witch costume caught fire after allegedly coming into contact with or close to a pumpkin candle on Halloween 2014.
Cllr Jim Jones, Executive Board Member for Public Protection, said: “We urge parents to take extra care when children are wearing costumes near candles and naked flames this Halloween.”
Cllr Pam Palmer, Chair of the Carmarthenshire Community Safety Partnership, added: “The tragic accident involving Claudia Winkleman’s daughter should serve as a reminder of the dangers of flammable materials. Enjoy the celebrations, but please take care."
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