Plans to ease traffic congestion in Ammanford

The public are being asked for their view on plans to improve traffic congestion at the intersection between Wind Street and Tirydail Lane in Ammanford.
The council has received a grant of £400,000 from the Welsh Government’s Local Transport Fund to develop proposals to address congestion at this location and to look at the feasibility of longer term major infrastructure improvements.
The Wind Street and Tirydail Lane junction is a vital intersection of routes leading to and from the Upper Amman Valley to the trunk road network and the M4 and there is significant congestion at peak times.
A number of studies have been carried out in recent years to look at options to resolve the traffic congestion; and proposals have now been agreed with Welsh Government (as the Highways Authority for Wind Street which is a trunk road) to replace the traffic signals with a roundabout.
Pedestrians would still be able to pass safely through the junction using signalised pedestrian crossings.
The plans have been on display for the public at Ammanford Town Hall, Ammanford Library and on the community board in the Ammanford branch of Tesco as well as the Co-operative store.
They are also available to view online on i-Local.
Executive Board Member for the Environment Cllr Hazel Evans said: “Traffic congestion is a major issue at this location at peak times and there is a lot of support for a scheme to resolve it.
“We want to know what the public think about these plans so that the scheme can be developed further and so more funding can be secured for the construction work.”
As part of the scheme, privately owned land will also need to be acquired and discussions have already started with the landowners concerned.
Further funding bids will be submitted for the construction work which is currently programmed to start in late 2017/18.

You can give your views on the plans by emailing


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