Coastal erosion defence works carried out at Llanelli beach

Coastal erosion defence works totalling £250,000 have been carried out at Llanelli beach.
The works have re-established approximately 240-metres of the coastal defences along the southern most section of the shoreline between the large south breakwater and the smaller south bastion structure that forms one side of the entrance to the Lliedi River at Llanelli.
The aim of the scheme is to prevent further erosion and significant change to this sensitive piece of land which gives protection to the Llanelli coastline beyond.
The works are necessary to prevent the loss of the hinterland and the salt marsh in the short to medium term. In the long term however, protecting this section plays a significant role in the protection and prevention of erosion of the entire coastline including the B4304 south Llanelli distributor road and the Seaside area of the town’s coastline.
Director of Environment Ruth Mullen said: “The works have been undertaken as a part of the council’s annual coastal erosion defence programme and our commitment to managing the coastline in line with climate change.
“The effects of winter storms on our coastal line in recent years has been well publicised and while the effects on the Carmarthenshire coastline have not been of national significance, there has been damage nonetheless. The recent storms have accelerated the land loss along this stretch of coastline and as such works have been undertaken to prevent further loss.”


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