Is this the end for Aberthaw power station?

The European Commission has today announced [1] that it is taking the UK Government to court because the pollution emitted by Aberthaw power station is far above legal limits.
Aberthaw - Wales’ only remaining coal-fired power station - has been pumping out more than double the legal amount of polluting nitrogen oxides for seven years [2]. Nitrogen oxides are hazardous pollutants that can cause serious problems for people with respiratory illness [3].
Director of Friends of the Earth Cymru, Gareth Clubb, said:
“Aberthaw has been overstepping the mark for years. It’s high time it closed down - and we very much hope that the European Court of Justice prosecution will hasten that process.
“Local workers will need support to adapt. The Welsh Government should put a plan in place to develop sustainable employment that will lead to a clean and healthy future for the local community.
“Wales has an important history with the coal industry. But history is where it belongs. Our green, renewable and sustainable future beckons”.

2. Since 1 January 2008 the European limit for nitrogen oxides has been 500mg/Nm3. The UK and Welsh authorities have permitted Aberthaw to emit up to 1,200mg/Nm3.


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