Llanelli amputee has her spirits lifted in the gym

Nothing stops this Llanelli amputee from keeping fit and healthy.
Despite her disability, Claire Simpson works up a sweat three times a week at Llanelli Leisure Centre gym.
Five years ago, the 42-year-old had difficulty walking and was forced to have part of her right leg removed after being born with gigantism. Since then she has gone from being wheelchair bound to peddling the bikes, pounding the treadmill and working the cross trainer.
Gigantism is a rare condition that causes abnormal growth in children.
In Claire’s case it was her foot.
The mum of two said: “I had the operation when I was 37 as the pain was unbearable. I was having to wear orthopaedic shoes and had been unable to wear proper ones all my life. Having the operation has given me a new lease of life and I’m now able to do things now I couldn’t do before. Coming to the gym has lifted my mood tenfold and it’s shown me what I can do. It was difficult at first walking through the door because my perception of the gym was being filled with fit and healthy people, but that’s not the case and everyone is so accepting there. Yes, some do look, but it’s a case of ‘Wow’ look what she can do!
“The programme I was put through was customised to my needs and the staff were brilliant, I can’t rate them highly enough, they’re always there for you.”
Claire was referred under the NERS programme. Her next goal is to take part in the new aqua aerobic classes which start in October as well as continuing her gym training.
“I can swim but need to build on my confidence and I fancy aqua aerobics will help achieve that,” she said.

For further information visit www.actifsirgar.co.uk or call 01554 774757


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