Four fined for dropping litter in Ammanford area

Four people have been fined for dropping litter in the Ammanford area.
A man was issued with a fixed penalty notice for £75 after he was seen leaving two glass bottles on the grass verge on the Riverside Walk near Tesco.
A second man was caught dropping a plastic drinks bottle on a footpath at Margaret Street.
Council environmental enforcement officers also fined two men for dropping crisp packets on Glanamman Road in Glanamman.
The officers were on patrol in the area at the time of the offences. Failure to pay could lead to prosecution in court and a fine of up to £2,500. The council has a zero tolerance towards anyone caught dropping litter.
Executive Board Member for Environmental and Public Protection Cllr Jim Jones said: “Keeping Carmarthenshire clean is something we take very seriously and anyone caught will be fined.
“Ideally, we do not want people to drop litter in the first place. It costs the council over £2 million a year to clean our streets; but if people didn’t drop their rubbish on the streets, leave their dog mess behind or fly-tip this money could be saved and put to better use.
“The council has to find savings of around £30 million over the next three years and this amount of money would go a long way towards achieving that.”
The Street Scene division has a cleansing staff of 50 and remove on average 40 tonnes of litter every week.


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