Flooding stories have added meaning for the team working at Amcanu in Burry Port

The news headlines about flooding have added meaning for the team at Burry Port engineering firm Amcanu.
Production at the factory is heavily geared-up to producing canopies and fabricated bases for mounting state-of-the-art water pumps of the type needed in natural disaster scenarios such as flooding.
“The pictures in our newspapers and on our television screens hammer home the message every day for the team here,” said Amcanu managing director Owain Davies.
“We specialise in tailored sheet metal solutions and providing the noise-insulating enclosures which fit around giant pumps.
“It is specialist work and the team here are Amcanu are keenly aware that the finished products they help produce are going to be of great service and use when it comes to pumping water.”
The engineers at Amcanu have just finished work on a beast of a pumping unit – a 10-ton giant called the Series 15.
“This is the largest enclosure unit we have produced at Amcanu and we were very proud to see it completed on time for delivery to clients in the west of England.
“Our biggest client is Xylem-Godwin pumps and this particular Series 15 unit needed some extra-special logistics, with a crane being brought in to our Burry Port yard to move it onto a juggernaut.”

Mr Davies, pictured above, added: “Xylem-Godwin Pumps are renowned worldwide with a proven track record of keeping floodwaters at-bay. The saying is that the weather can be unpredictable, but Xylem-Godwin Pumps are always predictable in being reliable and highly efficient.
“The Series 15 unit can provide water flows of up to 8000 gallons per minute – an extremely useful machine in dealing with all sorts of flooding situations.”
Jim Mowbray the MD of Xylem-Godwin Pumps, said he was delighted with the latest completed unit from Amcanu.
“We pride ourselves in being a world leader when it comes to producing pumps. The enclosure work carried out by Amcanu puts the finishing seal on our products, damping down noise and enabling our pumps to be used in a huge variety of demanding situations.”

Spec on Series 15 Enclosure is :-
Engine -Caterpillar C9, 9.3 litre 220kw
Pump - CD400 Dri-Prime Pump will move up to 36,000 litres of liquid a minute

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Photo slideshow from the early morning crane move at Amcanu -


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