More opportunities for businesses at the Beacon Centre site in Llanelli

Businesses are being offered the opportunity to move into a hi-tech facility in a prime location.
The Beacon Centre for Enterprise in Dafen has now been bought by Carmarthenshire County Council to help provide more opportunities for businesses.
The Beacon, originally built by the Welsh Government as a technium centre in 2007, has been managed by the council since 2011, when it had just three tenants.
Since then, the council has attracted a number of private sector businesses to the building and the lettable floor space of just under 12,500 sq. ft. is almost fully occupied.
Resources executive board member Cllr David Jenkins said: “This success provided the council with the confidence to purchase the building to be able to further enhance its offering to the economy of Carmarthenshire, particularly in supporting younger businesses, growth sectors and strengthening links with the private sector.
“The council has been able to offer flexible lease terms to allow companies to grow or move on. This approach allows businesses to focus on their needs rather than the needs of the landlord and in turn helps to create a dynamic and vibrant business environment.”
The Beacon, which also has parking and conference facilities, offers an Associate Membership scheme allowing businesses to use the facility without having an office base.
Conference and meet packages are also promoted widely across South Wales placing the building in the professional conferencing market.
Along with established companies, the Beacon is also home to the Beacon Bursary which offers new and start-up businesses the opportunity to rent shared business desk-space at reduced rates.
Regeneration executive board member Cllr Meryl Gravell said: “Many have already taken this opportunity and developed from the Bursary into either an office at the Beacon or moved into new accommodation elsewhere as their business has developed.
“Direct support is also available for each business in the work space through the form of either mentoring, or account management to help that business grow.”
Around five acres of further development land alongside the Beacon is also open to offers. Any parties interested in developing and occupying the site should contact Jamie Reynolds on 01269 590214.

Beacon Enterprise Centre


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