Carmarthenshire Council Leader welcomes local government statement

Councillor Emlyn Dole, Leader of Carmarthenshire County Council, has welcomed the statement by Local Government Secretary, Professor Mark Drakeford, confirming that compulsory council mergers are off the table, with more emphasis added to regional partnership agreements.
Carmarthenshire County Council already has several strong cross-boundary partnership agreements which help to deliver a variety of key services and strengthen the local economy. Larger partnerships include the Swansea Bay City Region, which helps to deliver economic development and regeneration, and ERW – Education Through Regional Working – which brings six local authorities together to deliver education services.
The council also plays a key role in the delivery of shared public services. In 2009, the council and Hywel Dda Health Board were the first in Wales to formalise partnership arrangements with the creation of an integrated head of services post, ensuring the shared delivery of key health and social care services. More recently, it has joined with Pembrokeshire council to operate ICT services.
“I very much welcome the statement by the Minister. He called with us at the beginning of the summer to engage in the conversation – he was open to listening and so were we,” said Cllr Dole.
“We welcome the fact that the 22 local authorities stay and keep their roles, but with emphasis on regionalisation for the delivery of certain services.
“In Carmarthenshire we have already forged very strong and successful partnerships across the region to deliver a variety of services, and for us, we go where the strength is – what works best for Carmarthenshire in terms of stronger and better services.”


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