Lights, camera, action! Carmarthen Bay Film Festival starts next week

Jamie Lee Smith with Kelvin Guy, chief executive of the Carmarthen Bay Film Festival.

Film star Samira Mohamed Ali with Kelvin Guy, chief executive of the Carmarthen Bay Film Festival.

The prestigious Carmarthen Bay Film Festival is being held in Llanelli next week.
Now in its fifth year, the festival promises to be bigger and better than before.
“We’re now firmly established on the international film festival calendar,” said festival chief executive Kelvin Guy.
“Entry submissions increase dramatically every year and we get film-makers from every corner of the globe entering the event.
“This year, we can promise more special premieres at what is a ground-breaking (free entry to the public) festival.”
The festival runs from May 9 to 13 at the Stradey Park Hotel in Llanelli.
On Monday, May 9, the premiere event will be the first screening of Shadow Of The Missing, a spooky story directed by USA film producer Jamie Lee Smith and set in and around Llanelli.
Tuesday, May 10, will feature the premiere of another film from Wales – By Any Name. This action thriller, based on the book by Swansea author Catrin Collier, features award-winning Swansea-based actress Samira Mohamed Ali
There will also be screening of other major films, including one starring Brian Cox.
There will be a special gala awards presentation night on May 12. This will be hosted by TV personality Arfon Haines Davies.
Mr Guy said: “Film-makers will be flying in from Russia, Holland, the USA and many other parts of the globe.
“It is astonishing how the festival has grown in popularity from very small beginnings.
“They say great things grow from little acorns and that is very true of the film festival.”
There is added glitz and status to the festival as the event is on the approved list for BAFTA Cymru Wales.

You can find out more about the festival on the website –

Programme for the festival -

Short Film Viking (comedy)23mins
The Masterful Hermit (drama)35mins
The Song Plays On (drama)12mins (total run 1hr:10)
Crossroads (drama F rated)20mins) Perfect Strangers (comedy)26mins (total run 46mins)
1:30 TO 2:45PM FOG OF SEX(Q&A)
Based on exhaustive research interviews, FOG OF SEX brings to the screen the shocking real life testimonies of students currently working within the UK sex industry. Five years in the making, this drama documentary recreates and retells the stories and experiences of eight female sex workers who are balancing life in Higher Education, with life as a sex worker. This frank and constantly surprising film does not judge and does not take sides – it presents the stories ‘as they were told’ and leaves room for the audience to decide. FOG OF SEX is directed by BAFTA award winning filmmaker Christopher Morris. The film is entirely researched, produced and filmed by staff, graduates and students of Newport Film School. The film is made as part of The Student Sex Work Project, a lottery funded research study run by Swansea University.
3pm-Documentary Feature Loving Carmen 1hr:05mins In the mid-19th century, the free spirited gypsy cigarerra from the Tabaco factory of Seville, scandalizes the world and right away becomes a symbol of the modern, independent woman. For more than a century musician, singers, directors, researchers and collectors take through time the story of Carmen, turning it into a legend. Narrated by the British actor Ben Cross the film unveils the very first interpretations of Carmen and her place in the early development of the recording industry and cinema. The movie follows the rehearsal process of the production of Carmen in Theater St. Gallen, staged by Italian director Nicola Berloffa and the exploration of the soprano Alexandrina Pendatchanska in the title role. Immortal art is created by mortal people!
4:10pm- The Stranger (1hr:30mins) Jayne is a young and attractive widow still grieving for her husband when she finds a stranger unconscious on the road in the middle of nowhere. When he wakes he says he has no memory. He has mysterious glimmers of memories, and an edge of danger, which she finds herself inexorably drawn to. When her husband’s killer comes to her house, drunk and violent, the stranger takes things into his own hands, changing their relationship forever 

6:30pm-Shadow of The Missing (F Rated) While at a film festival in South Wales, a group of young filmmakers come across an abandoned church. One night after drinking in a pub, they team up with a few local comedians and decide to explore, even though the church has been locked for years. They quickly discover it is more than just an abandoned church. Left to tell the story of their adventure is the found footage left behind. No one really knows what happened... Based on actual events.

Short Film Dreaming of Peggy Lee (drama)11mins
Help! I'm in love (teen comedy)17mins
Sexy Jalapeños (comedy)16mins
PLANET X (sci-fi)8mins
Rip It Up and Start Again (comedy)7mins (total run time 60mins)
5mins Comfort
Break Zephra (sc-fi)30mins
Standing Still (comedy)13mins (total run 45mins)
1:20pm-1:45pm(approx.) short break
Treasure On Caldey Island (comedy)18mins
Unhinged (horror/suspense)4mins
Victoria (drama)8mins (total run time 30mins) 2:15pm
Welsh Language Short Film (Gwobr John Hefin)
Pili Palod Penygroes 10mins
Nain Stori Wir (F Rated) 5mins
Cymanfa Garu 17mins (total 32mins)
2:50pm Short Films
Natural Insemination(comedy)17mins
The Trophy Thief (drama/sports)15mins
Another Love(drama)20mins
The Drunk: Getting Home (comedy)7mins (total run time 60mins)
3:50pm Comfort Break 10mins
4:00pm Short Films Put Down (comedy)10mins
Whisper (drama F Rated)11mins
Howell (made in Wales) 5mins
Murmur (drama/thriller F Rated)8mins
Self-Control (comedy F rated)15mins
Division (drama)11mins (total run time 65mins)
5:10pm End of Afternoon Session
6:00pm- Locked Up (short drama)20mins Inspired by true events. Tia has it all; loving family, great friends and an advancing career. However, her world gets turned upside down when an obsessed neighbour decides to abduct her and keep her all for himself. Locked up in a handmade cupboard designed to keep her hostage she finds herself in a new kind of hell.
7:30pm-By Any Name (Feature Film)90mins The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Katherine John and is a No.1 best seller on e-book Amazon and a bestseller in Germany, Poland, the US and UK. Recently selected as one of Amazon’s chosen spotlight authors, Katherine John is currently profiled on most online platforms across the US, South America and Europe. By Any name is an action movie that follows the story of one man's search for his identity. Found running through the forest, covered in blood, John West, an amnesiac is admitted to a psychiatric hospital under the care of Dr Elizabeth Santer. With no record of his existence to draw on, the military fear a potential terrorist attack. Taking Dr Santer hostage, John West flees to the Brecon Beacons in the hope of discovering his past. Pursued by Captain Chaloner and the military, his identity is revealed in a terrifying conclusion.

Short Film Mano a Mono (made in Wales Rated) 12mins
Couple Confine (made in Wales F Rated) 4mins
Are We There Yet? (made in Wales) 6mins
Closure (drama) 15mins
The Issue (made in Wales) 10mins
DisPossess (made in Wales F Rated) 20mins
Hole (drama)20mins (total run time 87mins)
1:00pm-1:15pm(approx.) short break
Rituals (made in Wales F Rated) 9mins
Brooklyn Blues (drama) 10mins
Thomas & Edwin (made in Wales)9mins
The Ditch (horror short) 8mins Hole (drama)20mins (total run time 40mins) 5min
Comfort Break
Out of Darkness into Light -
Newbridge Memo Experience (short documentary)33mins
Bells on the Western Front (made in Wales feature)50mins (total run 83mins)
5 Comfort Break Plentyn Clown (made in Wales)13mins
Manana (made in Wales)30mins (total run 45mins) 10min
Comfort Break
4:30pm Feature Presentation
Say it with Flowers (comedy feature)50mins
End screenings 5:30pm (approx.)

Start 11:00 Music Videos
C.T.R.L 3mins
Don't Be Lying 3mins
I Miss You 5mins
SABES TÚ You Know 9mins (total run time 20mins)
Animation Revoltoso 30mins
Tooth Fairy 3mins Dinner For Few 10mins
Cruisin' for a Bruisin' 1.30mins
BAMPA 3mins
The Beach Boy 7mins Apple 3mins
Αγρινούι (Agrinoui)19mins (total run 1hr:22mins)
Experimental Shorts
The Eve 20mins
Damaged Goods 4mins
Drone Shorts Flying through Dresden -
Opening Sequence for 'Blindgaenger' 1mins 22
YoumiTrip 2mins 40 RyyS Drone Show reel 2015 1mins 54
Home 4:59
Look Up, Not Down! 0:39
Sky Tec Showreel 4mins
Adventure in Sport 2:10 (total run 18mins)
Makini (short documentary)19mins

The Shaman of Rust (Feature Documentary)50mins
Arrivederci Rosa (drama F Rated)18mins (total run time 68mins)
5mins Comfort Break
Manana (made in Wales)30mins
The Poor Rich Man- His Life Through My Lens (student short documentary)16mins
Last Night (made in Wales)6mins (total run time 45mins)
1:00pm-1:15pm (approx..) short break
The River Man. (short documentary)17mins
The Old Signal Box (made in Wales)24mins (total run time 40mins)
5min Comfort Break
Zero (Sci-Fi, drama)30mins (total run time 60mins)
Killing Thyme (comedy)23mins
End of Screenings 3:15pm (approx.) 

Hosted by Arfon Haines Davies

Ripcor: Riding with Mamils (Documentary Feature)52mins
Isabella (student short drama)9mins (total run time 61mins)
5mins Comfort Break
Save our Male Voice Choirs (documentary feature) 60mins
1:30pm-1:45pm(approx.) short break
Yours Accidentally (drama)30mins
The Girl in The Dress (comedy F Rated) 15mins (total run time 45mins)
Airport Donetsk (short documentary)37mins
Plentyn Clown (made in Wales)13mins (total run time 50mins)
5mins Comfort Break
Sleeping Dogs (drama)17mins
Wasteworld (horror short) 12mins
Drawn Away (made in Wales)13mins
Jewish Blind Date (comedy)16mins (total run time 60mins)
5mins Comfort Break
Feature Presentation Granny of the dead- Feature Film 1hr:25mins Produced by the Director of SHARKNADO comes an action packed gore fest. The film follows regular guy Ed (Marcus Carroll), who awakes one morning to find that his Gran has become one of the living dead End of Screenings 6:00pm (approx.)


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