Planned rise in Carmarthenshire parking fees has been scrapped

A planned rise in parking fees has been scrapped by Carmarthenshire’s Executive Board for this year.
The introduction of parking charges for the evenings has also been frozen, following a decision taken by the board.
Environment executive board member Cllr Hazel Evans proposed the moves as part of a report which went before them regarding parking in Llanelli town centre.
Members also approved a trial during the whole of October for two hours free parking in all county council car parks in Llanelli town centre between 3pm and 5pm each day.
The aim is to encourage more footfall into the town centre during a quiet period to help traders and businesses, and to support families with children who shop after school.
Footfall will be monitored during the month to measure the effectiveness of the free parking hours.
County road safety and transport officer John McEvoy said it was important for motorists taking advantage Llanelli's two-hour trial free parking in October to acquire a ticket from the machine at no cost to display on their vehicle between the allocated hours. They have to press the green button on the pay and display machines to get the free ticket.
He said: “We have been criticised in the past for not publicising such free parking initiatives at the entrance to car parks where they run, but we find if notices go up drivers just read the ‘free’ element and don’t acquire a ticket leaving themselves liable to penalty.”
On countywide parking issues Cllr Evans is asking for a task and finish group to be set up to look at parking across Carmarthenshire.
She said: “I want to be in possession of more information before taking a longer term view.
“In the meantime, in fairness to the public, myself and my colleagues on the Executive Board have put a stop to the planned increases in charges and the introduction of evening charges.”
An increase of 20p per charge band had been planned, and charges were to be made for parking after 6pm.
Leader Cllr Emlyn Dole said: “I am pleased to say these have been scrapped for this year. I fully support Cllr Evans’ view that we need more information on this and I look forward to the findings of the task and finish group.”


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