'Hywel' singers will be reunited at a special Llanelli event this weekend

Past songsters who have travelled the world spreading the joy of Welsh choral singing will reunite in their home town of Llanelli for a historic and televised reunion.
This Saturday (Sat 5 September) will see throngs of past choristers from Llanelli’s famous Hywel Girls’ Choir & Hywel Boy Singers will unite in the beautiful surroundings of Llanelli’s Stradey Castle.
The giant chorus of Welsh singers are uniting from across the world for a unique and historic reunion performance – a reunion sadly catalysed by tragedy.
Past-members of Wales’ famous children’s choir, Llanelli’s Hywel Girls’ Choir & Hywel Boy Singers, have been stirred into a giant reunion performance after the recent shock and tragedy which saw their founding conductor and pianist involved in a car crash within minutes of a standing ovation and leaving the concert stage.
Conductor John Hywel was seriously injured in the crash and sadly his wife and pianist Jean Hywel was killed.
The event is the inaugural gathering of the Grand Reunion Chorus of the Hywel Girls’ Choir & Hywel Boy Singers and television cameras will be present to capture the event and interview past choristers as part of a television documentary featuring the Hywel Choir.
The massed former choristers attending, spanning six decades of singing, have travelled and broadcast across the world as part of the Hywel Choir which was given the title “Wales’ Ambassadors of Song” by a British Prime Minister.
With accolades from The Queen and Royalty, the past choristers have collectively clocked up millions of travel miles with international concert tours to countries as diverse as Russia, Canada, USA, Poland, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain… to name but a few.
“It will be exciting and poignant to welcome so many faces of past choristers of the Hywel Choir” said legendary conductor John Hywel Williams.
“The beautiful location of Stradey Castle is also meaningful being the home of the choir’s president Lady Mary Mansel Lewis and where the choir has enjoyed her wonderful support and held events for over 40 years.”
The Reunion Choir will give a historic performance on 19 December at Y Ffwrnes as part of the sell-out Great Christmas Fantasia, the annual Christmas event of the Hywel Girls’ Choir & Hywel Boy Singers which will feature a grand cast of 300 singers and musicians spanning the Hywel Choir, the Reunion Choir, Llanelli Choral Society, the symphonic sounds of the British Sinfonietta Orchestra. Eurovision Song Contest winners Brotherhood of Man will also be returning to Wales to join with fellow past-choristers for the performance – all under the legendary baton of John Hywel Williams.
Due to the event selling out six months in advance, emergency ticket waiting lists are now in place with organisers.
To attend the televised black-tie reunion reception at Stradey Castle, please contact Jeremy Hywel on 07545 268841.


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