Laugharne’s Heritage Day puts the spotlight on World War One

Attended by more than 120 people, Laugharne’s Heritage Day was deemed to be an outstanding success story by all who took part.
The day, which had been organised by the Laugharne and District History Society, had the Great War (1914-18) and Laugharne’s connection with it as its main theme.
The intention of the day was to highlight and record the strands linking Laugharne families and others in the area to World Ware One.
Residents of Laugharne and their families were encouraged to talk about their family members who took part in the war and bring their family photographs to be scanned as a permanent record.
These photographs and recorded memories will form the basis of a book focusing on Laugharne’s history at the turn of the last century.
Alongside the displays of major national organisations such as the National Library of Wales and Historic Gardens Trust and county-wide groups such as the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society and the Dyfed Archaeological Trust, there was a lively and moving exhibition of work by the children of Laugharne Primary School.
The guest speaker at the event was author and local boy, Steve John, whose talk on Laugharne’s connection with WW1 was very impressive and attracted an audience of around 60 people.
Equally informative and well-attended were the mini-talks given on the People’s Collection of Wales by Janet Bradshaw, artist B A Lewis’ Views of Laugharne by Ann Dorsett, the history of the St Clears Corporation and Trust by Don Benson, an account of Ben Watts’ War by Jeff Watts and Peter Boyle’s talk on Carmarthenshire’s Sacred Wells.
Running throughout the day was a film produced during the First World War to illustrate life in the trenches and medical posts. This vivid film brought the whole project to life and was complemented by Andy Edwards’ masterly video entitled Voices of War and Peace.
The event organiser, Peter Stopp said “Clearly, history is important to people of all ages in the Laugharne area. Throughout the day the sense of excitement and discovery was palpable as people discovered new and interesting facts about times gone by in Laugharne. As a consequence, we have gathered a significant amount of new information and this will all help to make the forthcoming book a lively read”
The Laugharne Heritage Day was supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.
Organisations taking part included the National Library of Wales, the Wales Historic Gardens Trust

Photo top: Councillor Jane Tremlett opens the group’s annual Heritage Day, which this year was focusing on Laugharne’s links with the Great War in 1914-18. She is joined by some of the 30 or so local residents who helped organise the day.


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