The Phillips team have their pumpkins ready for Halloween

Hundreds of pumpkins blanketing a hill overlooking Llanelli have been ripening in time for Halloween
And they have been rolling on down to the Market Garden stall of Miriam and Stephen Phillips at Llanelli Market ready for Halloween enthusiasts to carve their own masterpieces or make pumpkin pie or soup.
From football size to giant pear shaped monster pumpkins more than two feet across, they adorn the stall almost begging to be carved to smile, grimace, happily gaze and even scare with twinkling lights on All Hollows Eve.
Whilst quite an attraction at the Cowell Street entrance to Llanelli Market, the pumpkins always draw wide-eyed children in awe at the size of Jack-o-Lanterns on the Phillips family stall.
They also attract the Mary Berry serious cook and, capitalising on this, the Phillips market stallholders give away helpful recipe sheets for making pumpkin pies and soup.
The stall also supplies hotels and schools about Llanelli with the produce of their bountiful autumnal harvest.
County executive board member for regeneration and leisure Cllr Meryl Gravell said the Phillips family pumpkin display and array of Llanelli grown produce was what made Llanelli market such a fun place for locals to shop.


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