Carmarthenshire residents reminded of changes to benefit cap

Carmarthenshire residents are being reminded that changes to the benefit cap, coming in to force on November 7, could affect their Housing Benefit payments.
The level of the benefit cap is changing nationally so that households will no longer be entitled to receive more than £20,000 in benefit.
The change was announced by the Government in the 2015 Summer Budget.
The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has written to potentially affected claimants, informing them that they may be subject to the cap.
In Carmarthenshire the new annual rates are £13,400 in the case of single claimants and £20,000 in the case of all other claimants.
For some, the changes will mean a reduction to their Housing Benefit.
Anyone who thinks their Housing Benefit may be affected is advised to seek advice.
Email or call 01554 742100.


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