New garden waste collection scheme given go-ahead in Carmarthenshire

A new scheme for the collection of garden waste has been given the go ahead by the council’s Executive Board.
It will replace the current collection scheme of garden waste bags, which will stop at the end of October.
Under the new scheme, residents will be provided with a 240 litre wheeled bin and garden waste will be collected fortnightly between March/April and October.
Householders can request a smaller bin of 140 litres if they wish.
It will cost £48 a year and residents can choose to pay by direct debit with payments spread over six months (April to September); or if they choose to pay in full they will receive a 15 per cent discount reducing the cost to £40.80.
The council is taking delivery of a new fleet of refuse vehicles which come into operation from October 31 and they will not be able to collect garden waste.
Currently, garden waste is collected with the food waste in the rear of the vehicles; however, the new vehicles will have a separate pod for food waste only.
Local authorities have to record and report on all the waste it collects and Welsh Government prefer that garden waste is collected and reported separately. Welsh Government has also stated that its preferred food waste treatment method is anaerobic digestion (not composting), and garden waste cannot be treated using this method.
Residents can continue to use the household waste recycling centres to dispose of their garden waste or they have the option to home compost. The council sells compost bins for a subsidised price of £12, including delivery.
Speaking at the meeting, Executive Board Member for the Environment Cllr Hazel Evans said: “The reason that the changes are necessary is that we will have a new fleet at the end of this month.
“It will not be possible to collect green waste with food, therefore we are starting a seasonal collection service.
“It will cost £48 per year, payable by instalments or with a 15 per cent discount if paid in full.
“There is a need to request this service. If households do not have enough green waste it can be shared with neighbours, there are also two sizes of bins.
“Green waste can also be disposed of at our municipal sites or people can purchase compost bins from us for £12, which includes delivery.”


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