Help for people who need support to live independently

People who need support to help them live independently are to benefit from a change in the way services will be provided in the county.
Carmarthenshire County Council’s Supporting People programme has been reviewed and rearranged, bringing together 17 different commissioned providers – each of which specialise in their own area of support – into one locality-based service, meaning better access to services for people regardless of their needs or location.
From October 1, more people are able to access support, and because of more effective commissioning with locality-based arrangements, the costs of running the service will reduce.
The Supporting People programme commissions support for anyone who has issues that affect their ability to live independently or keep a roof over their head, and which they are unable to overcome without support.
The support programme put in place aims to empower and enable them to develop skills and confidence to live independently and maximise their potential.
Cllr Jane Tremlett, Executive Board Member for Social Care, said: “Prior to the change there was 17 different service providers, many only working with people who had particular issues, such as mental ill health, substance misuse issues, families with children and people engaged in the criminal justice system.
“Housing-related support should be the same regardless of the issues people are facing, and that is where a locality-based approach will make a difference.
“The pilots that we used to test this new way of working showed that up to three times as many people could be supported.
“Rural areas in particular will benefit from this change, as there have never been dedicated services in these areas before.”


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