Two fined for throwing litter out of cars in Llanelli

Two people have been fined for throwing litter out of their car windows in Llanelli.
Council environmental enforcement officers have issued fixed penalty notices for £75 for the litter offences.
The first incident happened along Corporation Avenue when a male was seen throwing a chocolate wrapper out of his car window.
In the second incident, the officers saw a male throw a drinks cup out of the window in the B&Q car park in Parc Trostre.
Failure to pay could lead to prosecution in the magistrates court where the maximum fine is £2,500.
The council hopes these fines will act as a warning to others that if they are caught dropping litter they too will be fined.
Environmental enforcement officers regularly patrol the county.
Director of Environment Christina Harrhy said: “Dropping litter is against the law, whether it is discarding rubbish from a vehicle, throwing cigarette ends or spitting out chewing gum.
“If there are no bins nearby, then take your rubbish home with you to dispose of. We do not want to fine people but we are determined to clean up Carmarthenshire for both residents and visitors.”


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