Cycling lessons for Carmarthenshire schoolchildren

Youngsters in Carmarthenshire will learn how to ride a bicycle in school.
Some 18 schools have been selected to take part in The Early Years Cycling scheme, a first of its kind in Carmarthenshire.
Funded by Sport Wales, the six-week project will see each child progress through the cycling journey by using age and ability specific equipment designed for toddlers and young children aged 2-7.
The council’s sports and leisure staff will deliver training sessions to teaching staff for implementation.
Each school will receive 10 balance bikes, one pedal bike, 10 helmets and child friendly road safety equipment such as stop and go signs, road cones and zebra crossing.
At the end of the six weeks a celebration event is planned for parents, guardians and others to see the pupil’s progress.
The council’s area sport and leisure manager, Gary Price said: “This is an exciting project for the team to be involved in. The huge response from the schools highlights the importance of this ‘skill for life’ initiative. The opportunity for all young children to learn to ride at such an early age is fantastic. With the equipment and training the schools can continue to deliver this for years to come.”
Some 50 schools applied to take part in the pilot project with over 36 meeting the necessary criteria.
The school will also sign up to Welsh Cycling’s Go-Ride scheme and will deliver cycling skills sessions to pupils in year 3 upwards.
Sport and leisure officers will also assist each school in completing a three-year Cycling Action Plan which will link in to cycling opportunities in the local community.
Just like the popular Toddlebikes the project will be rolled out across the county.


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