'Healthy Wednesday' advice from the Hywel Dda Health Board

Latest 'Healthy Wednesday' advice from the Hywel Dda University Health Board - 

This Healthy Wednesday Look after your Liver!
This Healthy Wednesday we are raising awareness of hepatitis.
Anyone who has used drugs may be at risk of infection, as well as those who have had a blood transfusion before 1991 or had tattoos/piercings undertaken in non-hygenic surroundings.
So what can you do to avoid becoming infected with hepatitis?
These are simple steps that can be followed:
  • Do not share any drug paraphernalia. This includes needles, filters, spoons, crack pipes, water, straws or notes for snorting 
  • Never share personal items such as razors or toothbrushes 
  • Always use a condom when having sex 
  • If having tattoos or piercings, always use a reputable practitioner and ensure that the equipment used is sterile 
Of those infected by hepatitis B, ten per cent will become lifelong carriers. These are the people at risk of serious liver damage without treatment to suppress the virus and prevent damage.
The majority of people who become infected with hepatitis C will become lifelong carriers unless treated. While there is no vaccine against hepatitis C, treatment is very successful and carriers can be cured.
Hywel Dda’s Blood Borne Virus (BBV) Nursing Service is taking an active role to help raise awareness. They offer a simple anonymous blood test to anyone who feels they may be at risk of infection.
If you would like to contact a BBV nurse for a blood test or further information on hepatitis, please use the number below:
Janice Rees, Lead BBV Clinical Nurse Specialist (Health Board Wide):
01437 773125 or 07899 915835
Nicola Reeve, BBV Clinical Nurse Specialist (Carmarthenshire):
01554 783535 or 07977 486665
Donna Blinston, BBV Clinical Nurse Specialist (Ceredigion):
01970 635614 or 07581 639229 


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