Desk exercises work a treat for Carmarthenshire council staff

Forget the gym – staff at Carmarthenshire County Council have been exercising at their desks!
The new way of working out has been introduced in some teams following a visit from physiotherapists at BMI Werndale Hospital.
It was part of Workout@Work Day which aimed to help people who lead sedentary lives to think about introducing simple exercises into their working day to improve health and wellbeing.
Physiotherapist Dean Locking said: “Both employees and businesses are impacted by work place stress, injury and illness.
“The aim of ‘Workout at Work’ is about giving sound advice to both employees and employers about how simple steps can improve workplace wellbeing, helping themselves and their teams avoid ill-health.
“We would really like to see as many people as possible developing healthier work habits for the longer term.”
According to health experts, people need 30 minutes of exercise every day to stay healthy.
A recent studyfound short bursts of moderate to vigorous exercise lasting up to 10 minutes can be beneficial to health and wellbeing. Create a culture that supports a healthy work-life balance.
Carmarthenshire County Council’s Occupational Health Coordinator Luticia Thomas said: “It’s been a great chance for our team to think about keeping fit for work by moving more.
“We hope that by getting our team to be more active will help their health and wellbeing, maintain their job satisfaction and even help overall productivity.
“‘Workout at Work’ is also a great way to build moral and help with team-building, it’s been a really successful and energetic day.”
For more information on ‘Workout @ Work’ visit:


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