Brewer Simon Buckley expresses disappointment with Welsh Government

Llandeilo-based brewer Simon Buckley (Evan-Evans Group) has written the following letter to newspapers in Wales - 

Should we believe in Welsh Government?
 On June 5-7, The Millennium Stadium hosted one of the most important drinks events in the Welsh drinks industry calendar.
The new ‘W-Ales Beer Festival’ was a superb showcase for everything that is good and great in the Welsh brewing industry, but where were our politicians?
Alun Davies has made much about driving an identity for the Welsh drinks Industry, but not one of the ministers responsible for Food or Drink came to wave the flag at this prestigious event.
Kirsty Williams, William Powell and Byron Davies were all seen to support the event, but not a sign of the Plaid AMs, nor the army of Labour AMs who have brewers in their constituencies.
Jeff Cuthbert, who ran the cross-party beer group came and supported the event, but he now has no say in our industry’s future.
In reality, the ministers, whether it be Edwina Hart, Alun Davies or indeed others who have direct influence over the food and drinks industry could not be bothered to come.
Therein lies the problem.
Many of us brewers create rural jobs, but today Labour runs the Welsh Government and the party sees progress on city development areas as far more important than creating rural jobs.
Non-appearance at a beer festival may seem a light weight argument for criticising Welsh Government ministers, but in an administration that has a reputation for failing to support Welsh manufacturing, and in particular the Welsh brewing industry, it was yet another occasion where it was clear that talk was cheap enough, and where actions spoke louder than words.
Thankfully, 7,500 Real Ale drinkers from all over the UK came to our great capital city to drink some of the finest beer brewed in the UK.
I was proud to be a part of it.

Simon Buckley
Chief Executive Evan-Evans Group,

Rhosmaen Street, Llandeilo.


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