Bancyfelin’s lost milestone to be replaced

As a result of a generous grant through the Carmarthenshire Landscape and Heritage Grants Scheme, the Bancyfelin Education Community Trust is able to fund the replacement of the milestone which was originally located outside Bancyfelin Primary School.
Work on the project will begin during August.
The original milestone, which was similar to others on the main A40 highway from Carmarthen to Hobb’s Point, was located on the school wall. Reference to the original milestone, with distances marked, can be found on older maps of the village.
When the front of the school was re-modelled years ago, the original milestone was lost and never replaced.
In days gone by, coaches would thunder into Bancyfelin, likely sounding their post-horns as they crossed the bridge. The coachmen would know the distances they had to travel by checking on the milestones along the road.
The Carmarthenshire Landscape and Heritage Grants Scheme is part funded by Natural Resources Wales, Rural Development Plan, Welsh Government, Carmarthenshire County Council and in kind by the National Trust.
Heritage Grants Officer, Emyr Price said “Projects, such as the replacement of the milestone in Bancyfelin, add inestimably to the local interest in the history of an area. People of all ages, especially the youngsters from the village school, will have their local history brought to life for them”.

The Bancyfelin Education Community Trust serves the village community by raising funds for projects which add to the quality of life in Bancyfelin and the area. It welcomes constructive suggestions for village enhancement from all sections of the community.


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