It’s another first for the team at Abaca, the organic mattress experts

The team at Abaca, the organic mattress and bed experts, has chalked up another first.
The West Wales business has just completed its first export delivery to Qatar in the Middle East.
“Our quality mattresses are already popular in the export market, but this is the first time we have secured business from what is the richest country in the world,” said Abaca MD Rhiannon Rowley.
“The order was for two of our super king Raglan mattresses and an upholstered base.
“There was a special request for one of the bespoke Raglan mattresses as it is ‘extra-extra’ deep, measuring 30cm deep.
“They are luxurious mattresses and a bespoke order for the customer.
“Client confidentiality means we cannot say who the buyer is, but our reputation in producing quality bespoke products to match the client’s specific needs obviously counted for a lot.
“We had to hand-tuft the buttons on the mattress as our regular needle wasn't long enough! But the end result is great. The mattresses look fantastic and we are really pleased with the outcome.”
Production manager Rebecca Davies said it was a delight to work on the project for the Qatari customer.
She added: “Obviously, we had to take great care in packing the mattresses and base ready for the long journey to Qatar.
“The packing box was a lot bigger than a super king and 1.2 metres deep! With a total weight of quarter of a tonne, I'm glad that we had a forklift truck in the production area to move it around!”

Abaca was one of the first companies in the UK to offer a genuine organic bedding range.
The organic bedding products used by Abaca are produced using materials created by traditional farming methods, avoiding the use of highly toxic fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.
These production methods not only offer great benefits to the farmers and the environment, but increasingly enable you to choose products which will be safer for you and your family.
More and more people are choosing to avoid the risk of chemical contamination of their homes and bodies, and Abaca products now let you decide to make your bedrooms a much more natural environment.
The average human spends about one third of their life in bed, so Abaca bedding products can significantly reduce your exposure to these potentially damaging substances.
Five reasons to buy organic
  • People who know the value of handmade, quality pieces buy from Abaca. 
  • People who are sensitive to toxins in the environment choose Abaca organic mattresses. 
  • Discerning hoteliers choose Abaca's chemical free mattresses to meet their customers’ demands for natural luxury. 
  • Parents who are looking for natural products for their children's bedrooms buy Abaca. 
  • People who care about the environment and want to tread lightly choose Abaca's organic mattresses because the whole cycle from manufacture to disposal is environmentally friendly. 

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Photo top: Abaca production team member and sewing wizard Cherise Hughson helps get the Qatar packing case ready for its journey from Abaca’s Tycroes, Ammanford, HQ.

Photos of a showroom Raglan mattress and the mattress being prepared.


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