Chicks are in the pink at Penclacwydd Wildfowl centre in Llanelli

They are having a cracking time at the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust, Penclacwydd, Llanelli.
Chicks of all kinds and sizes have been hatching out and demanding feeding from visitors walking the miles of maze-like walks.
And the arrivals will continue through to the summer months with the ducks having been busy rearing their broods since early spring and now large varieties of geese doing the same and the glorious pink flock of 40 flamingos partnering up for their normal July and August hatchings.
Executive board member for leisure services Cllr Meryl Gravell said: “We are so lucky to have this facility in Llanelli. It attracts bird watchers from all over the country and is wonderfully educational for children.”
The centre’s volunteers have been busy at weekends providing talks and weekend family fun for visitors ranging from den building, mini pond dipping, craft workshops and flamingo talks.
Getting up close and personal with the centre’s flock of Caribbean flamingos and sighting them in the breeding display refinery through binoculars and a telescope is popular among young and old visitors.
Volunteer ranger Eric James said people are fascinated by the placebo eggs they use to protect and improve the birth survival rate of their reared flamingo chicks.
“We have an extremely sociable group of flamingos at Llanelli that have been successful in recent years and are helping to restock other WWT Centres."


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