Review into Carmarthenshire Council's waste strategy

A review is being carried out of the council’s waste strategy and associated costs in order to meet future recycling targets set by Welsh Government.
Last year, Carmarthenshire achieved a 54% recycling rate, exceeding Wales’s first statutory recycling target of 52% and is well under its landfill allowance target.
Director of Technical Services Richard Workman said: “We have made considerable progress in increasing our recycling rate from 27% in 2007/8 to almost 54% in 2012/13. However, we must continue to increase our recycling performance by 2% every year in order to meet future Welsh Government targets or risk severe financial penalties. This means we have to look at both existing and new initiatives which provide the best value for money.
“The cost of the current service combined with new initiatives as part of the future waste strategy for Carmarthenshire shows that £1.75 million per annum is required, on top of the existing budget. Given the current financial climate, together with a decrease in the waste grant provided by Welsh Government, such an increase in the budget would not be achievable.
“As a result, we are in the process of reviewing the effectiveness, performance and value of our existing collection methods and recycling initiatives to bring the service (including new key initiatives) back within the current budget.”
One of the services under review is reducing the number of household waste recycling centres from five to four.
Mr Workman said: “We are in the process of reviewing the provision of household waste recycling centres in the county; looking at the cost of each of the sites against the contribution to our recycling performance. The contract for the recycling centre at Llangadog comes to an end on March 31. However, the cost of providing this site in relation to the percentage of waste recycled is significantly higher than each of the other four sites. On that basis, it is simply not good value for money.”
He added: “We appreciate residents’ concerns and if it is decided not to provide a waste recycling centre in this area, we would actively look at alternative provision for householders; working with local members and the community to find a workable solution. We are very grateful for residents’ efforts to recycle their rubbish.”


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