Comedian Phil invents Twitter-speak for the Welsh 'cwtsh'

Ammanford-based comedian Phil Evans has invented new ‘Twitter-speak’ to boost the power of the world-famous Welsh ‘cwtsh’.
“As a comedian, I am very accustomed to LOL – laughing out loud!” Phil said.
“But, as a keen Twitter user, I’ve been a bit frustrated at the lack of any Twitter-speak or Internet-slang to get across the emotional kick of the ‘cwtsh’, the traditional Welsh hug.
“I’ve always been an advocate that everyone needs their five a day. Five cwtshes is the minimum to top up a human being’s emotional batteries in Wales. The power of the cwtsh is well documented and we all feel so much better, both giving and receiving a cwtsh.
“I wanted to find some way of getting the ‘cwtsh’ message across in Twitter-speak, so I’ve come up with CWX at the end of my Tweets, emails and text messages.
“You can do it two ways – ‘CWX’ in capitals is a big cwtsh and ‘cwx’ in small letters is a small hug. In personal research, I’ve found that the power of the small ‘cwx’ about a third of the big one.
“Why ‘CWX’? Well, CW is the start of the word cwtsh and the ‘X’ is traditionally used as a kiss and a show of affection, so it fits nicely.
“CWX also has the advantage of not upsetting anyone who may fret over the spelling of cwtsh – should it be ‘cwtsh’ or ‘cwtch’.
“Personally, I fly the flag for ‘cwtsh, something which received plenty of media coverage earlier this year.
“But, I’m not being strict on this one. CWX equals cwtsh or cwtch. Simple as that.”
Phil added: “FWIW (for what it’s worth) and IMHO (in my humble opinion), AFAIK (as far as I know), no-one has put the cwtsh into Twitter-speak yet.
“But it’s ‘out there’ now and I’m hoping it will catch on.
“Never underestimate the power of the Welsh cwtsh! HF (have fun)!”
Phil’s next big event is a Love and Laughs event being held on St Dwynwen’s Day (7.30pm on Saturday, January 25) at the Pontaradwe Arts Centre.
The evening features Phil Evans (Gala Gomedi, S4C) alongside Daniel Glyn (Gwerthu Allan, S4C), Ignacio Lopez (Show Me The Funny, ITV), Ed Holden (BBC Radio Cymru Award Winner), Simon Emanuel (‘Welsh Unsigned Stand Up Award’ Winner), Eirlys Bellin (Jonathan, S4C) and Rob Hughes (WUSA finalist).
Tickets are £12 and you can book now at the Pontardawe Arts Centre, 01792 863722.
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