Fat globules worry for dogs at Cefn Sidan beach

Marble-sized globules of a fatty white substance have been found on Cefn Sidan beach, Pembrey.
Carmarthenshire County Council rangers filled half a bucket full of the substance, thought to be rotted vegetable oil, which had washed up over more than a mile of the beach.
The substance is now being examined.
It is thought that whilst it poses no danger to humans, dogs could be attracted to lick the fat which has a sweet paraffin smell, which may make them sick.
The fats are thought to have come from ships that have cleaned out their tanks in the Atlantic, with the recent storms driving it ashore.
It has also been spotted on the coasts of Southampton,Cornwall, Weston Super Mare and Pembroke since early October.
Council rangers make daily checks Cefn Sidan, which has been dubbed the Dustbin of the Atlantic because of the range of Jetsom and Flotsam left stranded there between low and high tides.
The spectacular array of beach finds from around the world range from coconuts to messages in bottles and emergency flares.
Rangers request that anyone who finds anything unusual or suspicious on the beaches should always report it to them or police.
If unsure they should leave any find on the beach and mark it so that it can be found after being reported.


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