New dog order comes into force in Carmarthenshire

A new dog order to tackle irresponsible dog owners and incidents involving dogs comes into force in Carmarthenshire today (July 1).
Although the majority of dog owners act responsibly, the council receives complaints of dog fouling and nuisance behaviour from dogs that are not under proper control.
As a result, a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) has been introduced to give officers greater flexibility in tackling irresponsible dog owners and incidents involving dogs. Some parts of the order replace existing powers while others are new.
It includes:
  • Cleaning up after your dog in all public places in Carmarthenshire;
  • Putting your dog on a lead of no more than two metres in length when directed to do so by an authorised officer (you will only be asked to put your dog on a lead if your dog is considered to be causing a nuisance to other people or another animal);
  • The exclusion of dogs from all outdoor, enclosed children’s play areas.
Public consultation showed a lot of support for the PSPO with 98% of respondents either agreeing or strongly agreeing for owners to clean up after their dogs; 89% agreed or strongly agreed for owners to put dogs on leads if directed to do so and 87% agreed or strongly agreed that dogs should be excluded from children’s play areas.
Executive Board Member for Environmental and Public Protection Cllr Jim Jones (pictured) said: “I have received a lot of correspondence from residents who are very concerned about dog fouling and out-of-control dogs asking for something to be done.
“The introduction of this PSPO will make it easier for officers to deal quickly with the small minority of dog owners who behave irresponsibly, while at the same time encouraging a culture of responsible dog ownership.
“It will also help to create a cleaner environment and reduce the health risks associated with dog mess.”
Failure to comply with the order will result in a fixed penalty notice of £100, reduced to £50 if paid within 10 days. The maximum fine if prosecuted in court is £1,000.
There are some exemptions to the order, for example for assistance dogs and working dogs; full details can be found on the council website.
Cllr Jones added: “We believe the order provides a common-sense approach; reflecting both the needs of the public in terms of the controls it imposes, and dog owners in being able to exercise their dogs freely.”


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