Millionaire’s secrets revealed for farmers and landowners

Welsh multi-millionaire, social entrepreneur and wealth-coach, Kevin Green inspired an audience of farming and landowning entrepreneurs at the CLA Cymru pavilion at the Royal Welsh Show tonight.
“How’s it done? – Is the question I get asked all the time,” Kevin told his audience. “I’m never going to say it’s easy, but I’ve got some insights into how dynamic people can get the best out of themselves and their business partners - and get the best from their precious resources.
“Farmers and landowners are already like the invaluable ‘multi-tool’ on the work-bench.
“Multi-skilled, they are committed, determined and self-motivated. They are self-sufficient, but often draw upon a highly supportive network who are not just supporters but are believers in their work.
“As a group they are doggedly determined – their blood is in the land and the land is in their blood.”
Kevin Green has been a successful dairy-farmer and is now a highly successful businessman, juggling one of the UK’s biggest private landlord portfolios alongside growing demands for his motivational business and training speeches in every corner of the globe.
In 1999, he won a Nuffield Scholarship in agriculture and studied the approach and mentality of high-achievers. Since then, his businesses have grown exponentially and continue to thrive. He was happy to share some of his ‘how to achieve success’ messages with an appreciative audience.
Kevin has become a Big Ideas Wales role-model for the Welsh Government. In this role, he shares his insights, inspiring children and young people to focus on entrepreneurship to shape their careers.
He said: “Success in business is about courage, trust and faith. You can gain precious momentum in these qualities by making sure you share passion, creativity and entrepreneurship.
‘At the same time, to succeed in life and business you have to show commitment and be doggedly determined and persistent. You have to be alert to changing conditions, new opportunities and shifting market forces.
“Change is not an obstacle, but a gateway you can open and stride through.”
Kevin added: “I am looking to inspire a new generation of rural entrepreneurs. I’m a huge believer in creating motivation and channelling it through empowerment.
“I’m also a massive believer in all things Welsh. The football team’s #TogetherStronger success in Euro 2016 has really flown the flag for Wales. It’s put us firmly on the world map. The football team is a wonderful reflection of what the Welsh work ethic can achieve. We have all the qualities and ingredients for success here in the Welsh community and we have to be confident in our ability to play a part on the European and World stages.”
Rebecca Williams, Director CLA Cymru said: “We’ve started our show with a bang this year. Countryside issues have never been so intense, but the essential imperative to run successful businesses is vital for the rural economy. Kevin Green doesn’t pull any punches – he has been inspiring and challenging in equal measure.”
“CLA Cymru is all about creating and sustaining a prosperous rural economy,” Rebecca Williams concluded. “A high proportion of our membership is business and professional people active in rural Wales working together with innovative landowners and farmers. Creativity has been a watchword for success in the Welsh rural economy. Successful country business-people are dynamic, versatile, they challenge convention and, above all, they are hungry for success.”

The CLA (Country Land and Business Association) is the membership organisation for landowners, farmers and other rural businesses. We have about 3,500 members in Wales and along with our English members they own around half of the rural land in England & Wales. Our purpose is to ensure that our members have the security, certainty and support they need to make investments in their land and business.
The CLA has more than 33,000 members across rural England and Wales.
As a membership organisation, the CLA supports landowners by advising them on how best to protect and maximise their asset: the land. We are dedicated to supporting landowners and their businesses. Our success is measured by how effectively we do that. We have a team of experts in London and a regional structure able to give local support.
We have been looking after the interests of our members, as well as promoting the positive aspects of land ownership, land management and rural business activities for the past 100 years. CLA members own or manage approximately half the rural land in England and Wales, and the resulting expertise puts us in a unique position to formulate policies and lobby effectively.

For more information about the CLA, visit: or follow us on Twitter @CLAtweets


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