Carmarthenshire Council seeks reassurance over Tai Cantref

Carmarthenshire County Council has expressed its disappointment that its offer to protect Tai Cantref Housing Association’s tenants and staff as a preferred partner has not been taken forward.
Carmarthenshire County Council had put a full proposal to the Tai Cantref board.
The offer would have:
  • Guaranteed no compulsory redundancies
  • Protected the brand and ethos of the association with an understanding and experience of the central importance of the Welsh language in this region of Wales
  • Avoided rent rises
  • Maintained and even expanded the Newcastle Emlyn base
  • Created immediate stability from a large and locally based social housing provider
  • Provided complete financial security for lenders and created a solid base for the further expansion of social housing across west Wales.
Cllr Linda Evans, Carmarthenshire County Council’s Executive Board Member for Housing, said: “We are naturally disappointed that, at this stage, the board of Tai Cantref have chosen to seek a partnership with another social housing provider.
“However the only real matter of importance is that Wales and West gives a good offer to the tenants and staff who could be adversely affected. As a council we will look on with interest as it communicates its plans for the association and its employees. We will continue to offer any assistance necessary to the association to support them over the interim period.”


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