Carmarthenshire Council celebrates National Apprenticeship Week

Carmarthenshire Council’s new apprentices have been shadowing councillors as part of a number of activities to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week.
The apprentices were invited to find out more about how the council works by shadowing councillors as they went about their daily business.
And at the end of the week the apprentices were invited to a special reception with members of the Executive Board to celebrate their achievements and discuss what they had learnt.
Cameron Bryant is studying for a HND in Construction Management whilst learning on the job as a building cadet in Property Services and is enjoying the experience after deciding university wasn’t for him.
“I am loving it,” he said. “Every day is different, you can be out on site then back in the office, I’m learning a lot.”
Laura Tilley, who is working towards a qualification in Business Administration with the Learning and Development Team, said: “I am having lots of new experiences and I feel like I am getting more independent and gaining new skills all the time. I have been shadowing the Executive Board and have found it interesting.”
Jamie Davies is working in Education and Children’s Services and is also studying for a qualification in Business Administration. He said: “I didn’t realise how much the council does and that it provided so many services. I feel like the council really pays attention to apprenticeships, and that they have invested in me and take me seriously as an employee.”
Apprenticeships can provide a great opportunity to develop practical skills and get ready for the world of work.
The council has invested more than £1million in its apprenticeships programme in recent years.
Officers support apprentices to learn about the various responsibilities of the council, placing them within departments where they can get involved and learn from experienced staff. They can gain qualifications while they work, and for many this can lead to full-time employment.
Assistant Chief Executive Paul Thomas said: “Despite a challenging economic climate, the authority has recognised the value of apprenticeships from a workforce planning perspective, and has supported this programme over a number of years. It’s exciting to see how their careers develop and flourish, and many successfully achieving permanent posts, as a result of this programme."
For more information and to find out what apprenticeship opportunities are available visit the council website’s jobs and careers pages.


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